App StoreApple distributes iOS apps through its App Store. Apple launched Indian App Store during end of 2012. When Apple launched App Store in India, normal 0.99 USD app used to cost Rs. 55 in India, but due to weaker currency Apple has hiked the prices in Indian App Store. Apple has increased prices for both App Store and Mac App Store for iPhone, iPad , iPod and Mac Apps.

Yesterday Apple had informed the iOS Developers about this change. Along with India, prices has been changed in total seven countries. The prices are increased in following five countries: Australia, Indonesia, Turkey, South Africa, and India. While prices will decrease in Israel and New Zealand. The changes will take effect in following currencies the Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee, Indonesian Rupiah, Turkish Lira and South African Rand.

Apple in a mail said that prices are being hiked due to weaker local currency. Apple said this changes will take place in 24 Hours and now changes are live in India.
Now if you purchase any App from App Store or Mac App Store, you have to shed more money. Previously you have to pay ₹55 for 0.99$ app and ₹110 for 1.99$ app now you have to pay ₹60 for 0.99$ app and ₹120 for 1.99$ app. That’s Rs. 5 hike per US dollar.

Currently 1$ is around Rs. 60, and Apple is also charging Rs. 60. Apple generally keeps the price on the higher side as currency rates changes very frequently. This is the first time Apple has hiked prices in Indian App Store. Prices in other country App Stores have been hiked several times.

The prices are increased for both iOS and OSX apps.