Apple iPhone 6Apple is all set to launch its next smartphone in couple of months. There is nothing we don’t know about next iPhone. There are several photos of dummy iPhone 6 units are bloated all over the internet. Apple is set to be believed to be launching two iPhones this year. One with 4.7 inch screen while other with 5.5 inch screen. Leaks about both the device are not stopping.

Earlier this year alleged front panel was leaked. Then batteries were leaked. After that iPhone 6 case was leaked. After that there were many dummy units being leaked. Now alleged home button of both iPhone 6 models have been leaked.

In a image leaked by shows homebutton of iPhone 6 4.7 inch and iPhone 6 5.5 inch screen. Both the home buttons are compared with current iPhone 5s.
iphone 6 home button leak
Its interesting that both the iPhones home button design is very different. Even it didn’t match with current iPhone 5s home button. Apple iPhone 5s has lengthy flex cable while iPhone 6 home button has smaller cable which hints at thinner body. While all the components of home button are same but their design is different.

Another thing to point out is that the leaked image calls bigger iPhone 6 as iPhone 6 Air. Which means that iPhone 6 5.5 inch might be called as iPhone Air. Apple’s current iPad is also called as iPad Air. So Apple may use this name with iPhone 6.

Apart from all these iPhone 6 will also come with relocated power/wake up button. The power button is now on the right side. The design of volume buttons are also changed. One thing which is ugly about iPhone 6 is that it has thick antenna line on its back panel. There are two antenna line , one on upper and other on down side of rear panel.

Another thing is that Apple iPhone 6 has cutout for single LED flash only while current iPhone 5s has dual LED flash and has pill size cutout.

Other specification of device include QHD display, improved processor, bigger RAM, fingerprint sensor and other improvements.

Apple has already unveiled its latest operating system iOS 8 during WWDC. It is expected that Apple will launch iPhone 6 in coming months. Stay tuned for more info regarding iPhone 6.