iPhone 6Apple is all set to launch next gen iPhone 6 in couple of hours from now. But leaks for iPhone 6 are not stopping to pop out. Earlier we have seen series of iPhone 6 leaks. Now an alleged benchmark test reveals the complete specification of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 benchmark leak

The image was spotted by GForGames. The images are posted by some Chinese user who claims to have iPhone 6 running unit. According the leaked image of benchmark test, the iPhone 6 will also feature same 1 GB RAM.

The iPhone 6 will run on Dual core processor cloaked at 1.4GHz. The iPhone 6 appears as iPhone 7,2 in the benchmark test.

The iPhone 6 scores 1633  on single core while it scored 2,920 on multicore processor. Current iPhone 5s scored 2,540 on same benchmark test. So the iPhone 6 scores higher than current iPhone.

Along with the Specifications, Chinese user ZZRay has leaked many videos of iPhone 6. Check out the working video of iPhone 6 below:

We cannot say that the iPhone 6 is authentic or not. But we don’t have to wait so long. As Apple Special is about to take place in couple of hours. Apple is also streaming the event live so that you can watch it.

Apple is expected to launch iPhone 6 with 4.7 inch screen and other with 5.5 inch screen. Apple will also launch long rumored iWatch wearable device at today’s event.