iwatch concept

Apple long rumored wearable tech ‘iWatch’ is about to launch this fall. But before launching, rumor mill is giving us lots of hint towards the new watch. There have been many rumors of the upcoming ‘iWatch‘, earlier it was suggested that it will be using curved display. Few days ago, it was reported that iWatch will be tightly integrated with a new medical tracking app. It is expected that a new app ‘Healthbook’ which will be main feature of iOS 8, the app will keep track of records of user movement, blood pressure, glucose level, other medical details etc. iOS 8 and iWatch will be tightly integrated between each other.

Now, a new report from NYT suggests that Apple is looking for solar, Motion charging capabilities for its upcoming wearable device.

In a report NewYorkTimes says:

“For its wristwatch, Apple has been testing a method to charge the battery wirelessly with magnetic induction, according to a person briefed on the product. A similar technology is already used in some Nokia smartphones — when a phone is placed on a charging plate, an electrical current creates a magnetic field, which creates voltage that powers the phone.”

“Another experiment at Apple has involved charging the battery through movement, a method that is already used in many modern watches. A person’s arm swinging could operate a tiny charging station that generates and pushes power to the device while walking, according to a patent filed by Apple in 2009.”

Ex-Apple Worker, now co-founder of Nest, Tony Fadell says that apple is experimenting different battery options like solar charging for its mobile devices since 2009. Now this report says that iWatch may be charged through solar power or with motion movement. Apple has already been granted patent for Solar Charging and Motion Charging on mobile device. So we might see this technology to be used in upcoming devices. May be, it might not be used in first iteration of device but in future it may feature this tech. As Always Apple doesn’t use any technology without testing thoroughly. Some days ago, Display search also forecast the display size of iWatch as 1.3-1.6 inch size for iWatch.

What do you think of features in upcoming iWatch?