iOS 7.1 public release
Apple has just released the public version of iOS 7.1. Apple has been beta testing the iOS 7.1 since four months, Apple during the beta testing have made many UI tweaks in the iOS ecosystem. Apple have released five betas of iOS 7.1 until now and now public version is released.
iOS 7.1 call changes

Apple has made many UI tweaks like phone Dialer, power off slider, lock screen tweak, call UI tweaks in the beta and all these changes are made into iOS 7.1.

If you have jailbreak on your device then stay away from iOS 7.1 as it has already patched many exploits which was used to jailbreak iOS 7 devices. Apple during Beta 4 and Beta 5 have patched critical exploits.

iOS 7.1 camera changes

Apple has also highlighted the HDR option in iOS 7.1 also comes with calendar improvements, now events are more refined and clear.

Apple has also updated its iOS 7.1 accessibility page on Apple website. The page highlights the changes made in iOS 7.1.

Apple has also added the support for CarPlay in the iOS 7.1.

Here’s a full Changelog
iOS 7.1 change log

Apple with iOS 7 have fixed many bugs also. Apple has fixed the random crashes bug which many users faced with iPhone 5s. Apple has also fixed the nasty Touch ID issues, in which users were unable to use Touch ID properly. It was facing recognition and fading issues.

We are currently digging into the iOS 7.1 if we find anything new the. We will update. If you find any thing new then let us know in comments.