Apple recently admitted that it starts slowing down older iPhones as they age and their battery health gets reduced. It received flak all over the world. Several customers accused Apple for intentionally slowing down their devices. The company apologized for the same and said that they didn’t want people to upgrade.

Apple iPhone 6sThe US based company has now started offering the battery replacement at discounted price. Apple has now started replacing iPhone battery in India at discounted price of Rs. 2000. Earlier the price of battery replacement for Apple iPhone was Rs. 5,900.


Apple has also confirmed that all eligible iPhone customers can get their device battery replaced at discounted price irrespective of battery health. The program is launched for Apple iPhone 6 and later. You can replace the battery at reduced price till December 2018.

Apple said that it was slowing down the iPhone to prevent it from unnecessary switching off. Also if the iPhone is working on slower CPU rate then the battery consumption will be lower. However Apple should have given the choice to users instead of slowing the iPhone worth thousands.

So if you are having Apple iPhone 6 or above and have less battery backup, then you can replace the battery at Rs. 2000 only at nearest Apple Service center.