Apple iPhone 5cApple has stopped selling its cheapest smartphones in India. The Cupertino based company has stopped selling iPhone 4s and iPhone 5c in India. Now the new entry level smartphone from the company is iPhone 5s.

Apple iPhone 4s was available for Rs. 12,000 while the iPhone 5c was available for Rs. 20,000 in India before they were3 axed. Both of these smartphones were dated and were already unavailable in other countries.

Apple has been selling its entry level Apple iPhone 4s for around Rs. 12,000. Due to huge competition from Android smartphones in that range, iPhone 4s couldn’t compete with them. Same was the case with iPhone 5c. Because of these issues, Apple decided to stop selling these smartphones in India.

Apple iPhone 5c was announced in September 2013, it is already 2 and half years old and it was available for Rs. 20,000. While the iPhone 4s was announced in 2011, so it is four and a half year old.

Now iPhone 5s is cheapest smartphone available in India. Earlier its price was reduced to Rs. 24,000 in India, but you can get it for around Rs. 21,000 on Amazon and other online stores.