iPhone 5s Touch ID
Apple iPhone 5s’s one of the praised feature was Fingerprint sensor. One of the reason for popularity of iPhone 5s Touch ID was its accuracy. Initially it used to work very accurately and work flawlessly. But after some months it started to fade out. Many people took Apple forums to complaint about the issue. Users complained that Touch ID taking long time to recognize the fingerprint.

After some months of using the Touch ID on iPhone 5s it started to fade out. Now reports are that Apple is aware of this issue and working on a fix. Reportedly Apple is preparing software update for iPhone 5s owners which will fix this issue. Last month it was reported that apple is also working on fix for random crashes on iPhone 5s. iPhone 5s is first phone with 64 bit architecture so it is facing this type of issues.
Apple iPhone 5s touch ID
Appleinsider reported that apple is preparing software update for Touch ID issues. While AppleInsider didn’t confirms that apple will push the fix with iOS 7.1 or not. Apple is currently beta testing its iOS 7.1 whose beta five was released some weeks back. Apple has made various UI tweaks with iOS 7.1 beta. But there is no news about Touch ID fix. So it is difficult to say that whether iOS 7.1 will carry this fix or not. iOS 7.1 will¬†release during mid-march.

Till Apple fixes the issue there is temporary solution by which Touch ID issues will be solved. For increasing the accuracy the of Touch ID, you should delete the fingerprint from iPhone. Then reassign the the fingerprint from the setting pane. This will work and fading issues of Touch ID will be resolved. Many users have confirmed that this solution works, and said Touch ID works as it used to work in initial time after this fix. So till Apple fixes it you can try this workaround for Touch ID issues.