Nowadays, data is the most valuable asset. In the growing industry, it has to circulate between all components of the same network. It has to arrive there at the right speed and time. That’s what Ethernet serves for. It’s a wired connection that won’t let your business down. Wireless signals can be unreliable sometimes. But a wired network provides high-speed, reliable, and secure data transfer.

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Ethernet usually ran over coaxial cables but later evolved to include fiber optics and wireless fidelity. It specifies the connection between devices in a network and describes its topology. This network utilizes a twisted pair of LAN cables. That makes it very easy to connect various types of equipment.

The maximum reach of copper cables is 100 m (about 3300 feet). That can work for small businesses, workshops, and home use. But most commercial facilities need wired connections far beyond this limit. Ethernet extension is an excellent solution for your needs.

These devices won’t cost you much. They are flexible and don’t require additional wiring. Depending on how you plan to use them, you can find Ethernet extenders with various features. And probably the best thing is that you can use them for many different applications.

Surveillance Systems

Besides being cost-effective, long-range Ethernet extenders are reliable and easy to use. You can use them to set up a security camera network in various facilities, thus ensuring high safety for properties and people.

Depending on the model and configuration, wired network extenders can increase the distance between two devices up to 5,000 feet. Of course, that will depend on whether they use current copper cables or coaxial ones. Both provide high-quality connections, but the latter has a more extended reach.

Ethernet extension is useful for video surveillance in any business or private property. It comes in handy for businesses, schools, town parks, campuses, hospitality buildings, etc. Also, it can improve operational effectiveness for businesses, municipalities, and private properties.

PoE Extension

A particular type of Ethernet extender is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) device. It’s used in remote areas where devices planned for connecting to the Ethernet network have no power source. So PoE devices bring data and DC to every device with existing 2-wire twisted-pair cabling. That’s enough for 30W of power.

Using these extenders eliminates the need to add more cables to current infrastructure or install power outlets. But they can also prevent downtime and the devices’ failures. Besides, PoE extenders protect the system from power surcharges and short circuits.

IP Video

IP cameras are the highest quality video surveillance at the moment. Besides the high-resolution image, they allow you to rewind recordings, as well as watch live streams over the network (LAN or Internet). That’s how they’ve almost suppressed the analog recording devices. On this link, you can further explanation on how these recording gadgets work.

IP cameras allow you to monitor the situation from various locations regardless of distance. They found their places in remote outbuildings, gate controls, parking lots, garages, etc. Ethernet extenders for IP cameras allow their installation far from the nearest switch. They usually use PoE technology, so installing these cameras near power outlets is no need.

Automation of Working Process

The need for a long-range Ethernet has increased the use of extenders in many industries. Their technology help companies connect more computers to a single network. These devices bring preserve the network speed and quality using existing infrastructure. So there’s no need for extra wiring. Also, they are highly flexible, making them an ideal replacement for wireless bridges and fiber-optic cables.

Ethernet extenders can help you extend the reach of an existing network within offices. For example, suppose the cables are too short to connect two computers. An extender can link and expand the network even to another part of the building. These devices also come in handy in office areas with many computers, printers, and other gadgets.

Plant Application

Various industries rely on Ethernet extenders to expand their networks and thus meet growing demand. And these devices are not for computers and cameras only. They can be used in plants and warehouses as industrial-grade devices.

These devices usually transmit data to heavy-duty equipment, thus ensuring automatization of work. These extenders must be made for such environments and feature an enforced chassis. It’s usually a rugged steel case that can withstand high heat, dust, shakes, toxic vapors, etc.

Also, industrial-grade extenders use the same technology as standard devices. They feature Plug and Play, so they are easy to install and operate, but their ranges go up 20 kilometers. And all that with simple two-wire cables. Also, these devices are flexible with different topologies, like point-to-point, ring, and line topologies. That way, you can combine several Ethernet extenders within the same network.

Things to Know Before Purchase

Ethernet extenders are cost-effective and efficient solutions for a limited bandwidth network. They can extend existing network infrastructure up to 1.5 kilometers (5,000 feet), no matter what they are used for. While they are not suitable for every business, Ethernet extenders from Enable IT are an ideal solution for budget-conscious companies.

Choosing an Ethernet extender that meets the needs of the business can be difficult. Despite the versatility of these devices, there are many factors you should consider before purchasing one. Start by checking the product’s specifications to ensure it has the correct features for the intended purpose.

Ensure that chosen extenders support the frequencies and protocols of the connection hub. Finally, they should be compatible with the entire network and easy to install. More features of these devices mean more flexibility. That makes them an excellent choice for different types of businesses.

When choosing Ethernet extenders for your needs, look for the best models available. They are built to last for years and withstand even the harshest environments. So whether you need them for video surveillance, plant monitoring, or automating work processes, you can always rely on these devices.