In a world, so competitive one can only turn to certification programs to make a career in IT. But what if this is a hard exam like Palo Alto Networks Security Engineer (PCNSE)? Click here for PCNSE exam practice questions and answers,that make this difficult task an easy sweep.

Palo Alto strives to equip IT Professionals with impotent skills to develop infrastructure, mitigate threats and prevent cyber-attacks successfully. This certainly is the best certification choice if you are looking for a career in cybersecurity.

Read along with the article if you need to find out more about the exam or learn ways to tackle it!

PCNSE Exam Description

The Palo Alto Networks Certified Network Security Engineer (PCNSE) is a proctored certification exam that verifies the successful candidate’s skills and comprehensive knowledge for designing, installing, configuring, maintaining, and troubleshooting implementations based on the Palo Alto Networks platform.

PCNSE is an 80-minutes exam that covers 75 questions in different formats. These formats are Multiple Choice, Scenarios with Graphics, and Matching.

This exam covers next-generation firewall PAN-OS® 9.0, Panorama, Global Protect, and other aspects of the Palo Alto Networks network security platform. The exam expires every two years thus the candidate needs to retake the exam to keep his certification current.

PCNSE Exam Domains

The following are PCNSE Exam domains along with their percentage rate of appearance per exam.

  • Plan 16%
  • Deploy and Configure 23%
  • Operate 20%
  • Configuration Troubleshooting 18%
  • Core Concepts 23%

PCNSE Exam Requirements

The candidates hoping to pass PCNSE must first clarify they are eligible. This exam requires a candidate to have 3-5 years of experience working in the Networking or Security Industry. Also, 6-12 months of experience deploying and configuring Palo Alto Networks NGFW within the Palo Alto Networks Security Operating Platform.

It is recommended you take these courses:

  • Firewall Essentials EDU-210
  • Panorama EDU-220

Or their digital learning versions:

  • EDU-110
  • EDU-120

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Why You Should Earn PCNSE? What Benefits Do Get With This Certification!

What does an organization or a company want? Naturally, an employee who can offer them brilliant services with valid skills. And hopefully can benefit the enterprise with his exceptional knowledge. PCNSE certification validates that you have the knowledge that can ensure a company’s Security Operating Platform fully functional.

Plus, PCNSE is a global certification meaning is recognizable everywhere. So this certifies that you can benefit your company showcasing your expertise. A company to ignore such a fine prospect is unheard of. Having a PCNSE certification on your resume not only earns you a job but a high income as well. Consider applying for this exam if you haven’t already. And don’t worry about the training, with PCNSE Exam Questions practice you will pass in one attempt for sure!


PCNSE is one of the most cutting-edge cybersecurity credentials on this planet. If you are looking to learn security skills that can mitigate and prevent cyber-attacks, this is it. For help in training and gaining excellent marks refer to PCNSE exam questions answers.