Writing helps you communicate ideas and pass important messages to third parties. Writing skills do not come automatically to all. Other than hiring a professional assistant to do my homework all the time, I have found apps that make writing easier and natural, regardless of the topic.


Writing apps are more reliable because you can use them any time of day or night when the task crops up. You also avoid exposing your inadequacies to third parties who might take advantage. Tools like plagiarism checker helps in you in checking out for the plagiarism content in your content. The apps will also save time since you avoid waiting for people to deliver the tasks or wakeup in the morning to look at your assignment.

Here are writing apps that will help you to become a better writer.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly acts like a teacher watching as you draft your document. The app will edit your sentence in real-time. You can track the mistakes made by the time you hit the period at the end of a sentence.

The app provides suggestions of words and phrases that will improve the grammar of your writing. In case you repeat a word too many times within the document, it will be highlighted and alternatives provided. These corrections help you to produce the most compelling documents.

  • Evernote Web

Writing is a skill acquired and polished over time. Evernote provides the platform to take your notes from anywhere and present them in an organized manner. It will be as though you were typing the notes on your desk.

Evernote allows you to open multiple documents and format them in the manner you desire. Mistakes are highlighted such that you do not have to wait for corrections. Evernote has a user-friendly interface that simplifies your writing experience.

  • Airstory

A good story is one that is written in an organized format. Airstory provides a template for planning your storyline and highlighting different sections or content types like images. You create an outline with headings and subheadings that will enable you to deliver a flowing story.

Airstory is easy to use and available on all devices. It reduces the time taken to plan your writing and helps you to adopt a consistent format for your stories. It is one of the best apps for bloggers and entrepreneurs because the content will acquire a consistent structure.

  • Hemmingway

Entrepreneurs and writers looking to deliver strong and precise sentences should install the Hemmingway app. The app highlights areas that would require editing without compelling you to edit. This allows you to exercise creativity while still remaining within the boundaries of grammar. You will also eliminate passive voice so that your ideas are clear.

  • OneLook Reverse Dictionary

Writing requires knowledge of the right words to express your ideas. If you have an expression in mind but cannot get the right words to use, OneLook Reverse dictionary is the tool to use. The app allows you to explore similar concepts, find a word if you know its definition, and extract words from categories, among other capabilities.

The best apps for writers come with multiple capabilities. Their word bank should be updated to provide the best grammar and word choices. The apps should allow users on multiple devices to facilitate writing anywhere and at any time.