The success of an organization is directly dependent on how efficient are its employees. To effectively finished tasks on time, employees must prioritize their work. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, completing every task often means that the important tasks may be rushed to some degree.

Many of the tasks that employees do are often regular and repetitive. These tasks eat up employees’ crucial man hours leaving less time for important tasks. Thankfully there is a way to solve this problem- Workflow automation!

Workflow automation software allow organizations to create detailed workflows for automating simple repetitive tasks. These workflows are created using rule-based algorithms and are activated when certain conditions are met.

Tasks such as data entry, scheduling social media posts, populating important spreadsheets, transferring data between two software systems, etc can be performed through workflow automation.

Software for workflow automation has become popular in recent years. Thanks to the utility they bring to organizations and the amount of workflows can be created with them. Out of all online available workflow automation software, Appy Pie Connect is the best you can choose for your business.

Quick Overview: Appy Pie Connect

Appy Pie Connect helps you automate tasks in every department of your business. It helps you reducing workload and automate workflows to easily amp up your team’s efficiency, enhance communication, and meet all the deadlines.

Appy Pie Connect provides over 150 unique software to integrate with each other and automate various workflows. Appy Pie Connect has a simple graphical interface that you can use to automate your workflows. Appy Pie Connect works through a system of “triggers”. Once set for all tasks that you wish to automate,when trigger condition is met- task will be completed.

Among the various integrations offered by Connect, here are some of their most popular ones –

• Xero+Slack: Appy Pie Connect offers many Xero integrations and Slack integrations. Xero is an accounting software that allows users to increase the efficiency of their accounting tasks and create financial reports easily. Xero can be integrated with the collaboration software Slack, to make sharing of important accounting information with various sales teams directly into slack. For example, it is possible to create a Xero integration where you can create a workflow to automatically sends a team-wide notification in Slack whenever an invoice is received in Xero.

• Teams+Slack: Teams and Slack are the most popular collaboration software for businesses. It is difficult to integrate Teams and Slack as they are competitors. However, sometimes two businesses have to collaborate and it may happen that they cannot exchange important data with each other if they are using different software. With Appy Pie Connect, it is possible to integrate these two software and automatically exchange data when needed. For example, with this integration you can automate the process of sharing spreadsheets between the two software.

• Intercom+Gmail: Intercom is a customer communication tool used by the sales, marketing, and support teams around the world to improve customer experience. Intercom integrations are possible with Appy Pie Connect. While intercom itself offers certain tools to create workflows, Appy Pie Connect can help take this to the next level. By integrating Intercom with Gmail, you can automate email exchanges between the two software. For example, when you receive a new email in your Gmail support account, it will be automatically transferred to your business Gmail account.

• Salesforce+Trello: This is one of the most impressive and useful integrations provided by Appy Pie Connect. Many businesses keep their CRM and task management software separate. Most employees need to manually create cards within Trello to each task assigned on their Salesforce account. While this may not seem like time consuming task but it could certainly eat away valuable time. By creating a connect workflow, you can automatically convert all assigned tasks on Salesforce to Trello cards. Whenever a new task is assigned to an employee in Salesforce, it gets assigned under their name on Trello by integrating Saesforce and Trello.

• Todoist+Google Calendar: Todoist and Google Calendar is one of the most interesting integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect. You can create various workflows between the two software. By integrating Todoist with Google Calendar, you can achieve a greater level of efficiency in your workflow. After setting this Connect up, you can create a Google Calendar event for every Todoist task in detail, including time & date. This would help you to stick to your schedule.

• MailChimp + LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media channel known for generating leads for any business. By integrating LinkedIn with MailChimp, you can add an all-new dimension to your marketing strategy. After integration, the MailChimp email campaign can be automatically shared with LinkedIn to attract more subscribers and get more out of your marketing strategy.

• Zendesk + Google Spreadsheet: Google Sheets is used to arrange and manage data in a tabular format in a spreadsheet. Most businesses deploy Google spreadsheets to manage a customer database. When Zendesk integrates with Google Sheets, a new ticket opened in Zendesk will automatically add to Google Sheets. It is helpful to keep track of Zendesk tickets.

Summing Up

There are various other integrations offered by Appy Pie Connect. With over 150 software and over a 1000 available triggers you can create multiple workflows for automating repetitive tasks of your business and helping your employees focus on the important ones. Workflow automation is gaining traction in every industry.

With businesses aiming for more efficiency, automation may just be on the horizon. Apart from the efficiency, automation gives your employees more time to focus, improving their productivity and increasing the quality of your business and its products/services.

Appy Pie Connect is better than alternatives as it is one of the finest and the most affordable workflow automation software. It is simpler to use, less complicated with its automation and a great choice for businesses looking to automate basic tasks.

Appy Pie Connect offers everything a business could need from a workflow automation software. Check it out today and take your business to the next level!