A knowledge base is an online library which provides all the information about a product, service or a department of a business. A knowledge base is usually self-serving and does not need agents to solve customer issues. That is the reason why a knowledge base is a crucial part of any company’s customer experience strategy.

A knowledge base can be termed as a platform or technology that stores complex information used by computers or mobiles. It helps you and your team to improve content continuously and keep it up to date.

Why is Knowledge base crucial for a business?

The main purpose of creating a knowledge base is to improve the speed and quality of customer service.  Organizations that adopt a knowledge-based approach for customer service can realize the following benefits:

  • Efficiency: Knowledge base platforms with easy to use information support customers efficiently
  • Content quality: Knowledge base will improve the content quality and information across multiple service channels
  • Customer loyalty: Consistent and correct information builds trust among customers, leading to improved customer loyalty
  • Reduced resources and costs: A knowledge base can help customers resolve their issues themselves, which leads to reduction in customer calls, emails and also costs

When combined together, the above mentioned operational developments can have a positive effect – making it possible for organizations to optimize customer experience.

A customer service knowledge base is an amazing customer experience as it allows customers to get the right information when they want. An effective knowledge base delivers that exact immediate information that customers are looking for, in an organized manner.

A good knowledge base should have a quantifiable impact on the business. It deals with frequently asked questions, product details, policies, and more. It also empowers customers and agents with all the information related to the company. A good knowledge base is:

  1. Faster for your customers

People do not have the patience to flip through encyclopedias. They are looking for answers, and can’t wait. If a prospective client has a specific question about your company, they can simply search that question on your website and get the answers there instantly.

  1. Helpful for your representative

Customer support teams have more responsibilities as they need to answer customers’ questions via phone, email, or live chats. By providing a knowledge base, your customers will get their answers on their own.

Why Appy Pie’s Knowledge base?

Appy Pie’s smart knowledge base software will now help you build and promote your help center and create an internal repository that can be used by your internal support department. The knowledge base is aesthetically-clean and created with a set of appropriate and simple tools. Appy Pie Knowledge base software offers the following features:

  1. Simple and easy
  2. Anytime, anywhere access
  3. Create help articles and internal knowledge base
  4. SEO friendly content
  5. Understand your customers better
  6. Helps in customization of your brand
  7. Reduces customer queries and frustration
  8. Increases agent efficiency
  9. Instant previews
  10. Security controls

Simple and easy

Appy Pie’s knowledge base is very easy to use. With its in-built features, there is no need to download anything or go for an extensive HTML training as the changes are simple to make.

Anytime, anywhere access

You can view and access knowledge base on laptops, tablets or even your smartphones. Appy Pie’s knowledge base works seamlessly on all browsers including mobiles and desktops.

Create help articles and Internal Knowledge Base

By creating a repository of articles and FAQs with Appy Pie’s Knowledge Base software, your customers can instantly find answers to all of their questions without waiting for an agent to answer them.

SEO friendly content

You can use Appy Pie’s unique and highly searchable knowledge base software to customize your help articles for search engines, making it rank higher on different search engine results and get a better visibility. The customers will be able to find your answers instantly with the knowledge base.

Understand your customers better

With this knowledge base software, you can receive feedback from your customers with the help of an option of votes and comments on all help articles. You can update your content on a regular basis and keep your customers informed.

Helps in customization of your brand

Use Appy Pie’s matchless knowledge base software to customize your brand with specific brand colors, logo, header images, and more. You can even add themes to match your brand. You can also customize your knowledge base using CSS and JavaScript.

Reduces customer queries and frustration

Use one of its kind knowledge base software to help your customers instantly find answers on your self-service help site. With your own knowledge base, you can reduce the number of tickets that customer care executives have to deal with.

Increases agents’ efficiency

With a customer help center built using the knowledge base software, the repetitive queries will be handled by detailed articles and FAQs. Now your agents will have lighter workloads and more time to focus on complex customer tickets that need hands-on assistance.

Instant previews

By using Appy Pie’s knowledge base software, you will be able to view exactly how your articles will look before you publish them. This will help you provide the information clearly to your customers.

Security Controls

You can keep your knowledge base secure with password and privacy controls. You can decide who can access your content. With Appy Pie’s unique knowledge base software, you can even make provisions for users to Sign Up. You can also exercise full control over the viewership of your knowledge base.

A well-stocked knowledge base is the cornerstone of any business. As your business and support operations grow more complex, it is important to make sure your knowledge base is relevant and updated. Appy Pie’s unique knowledge base software is just the right choice that can help you cut down on your expenses for maintaining a huge customer support department. It will further support you by improving customer satisfaction exponentially and increasing your brand identity.