India’s leading Bank, Bank of Baroda launched its mobile wallet service known as Baroda M-Clip couple of years ago. The wallet service is available for Android devices only. Now in less than two years, the bank has decided to shut down its mobile wallet service Baroda M Clip. It will be shutting down the service next month.

Baroda M-ClipBank of Baroda has not given the reason why it is closing down the mobile wallet service in India. Baroda M-Clip service will be closed from 20 April. The bank has advised its customers to utilize the unused wallet balance before 20 April. You will not be able to add or withdraw the money after the service is closed.

RBI has recently mandated wallet service providers to get the KYC done before using the service. Also due to several other wallet services, Bank of Baroda might have decided to axe the Baroda M-Clip service. Bank has also started notifying its customers about closure of the service.

If you Bank of Baroda’s M-Clip user and have wallet balance then withdraw or send the money before 20 April 2018.