Today, we live in a highly competitive world and students need to buckle up and work harder in order to score well in the exams. Students spend most of their time in school, which does not suffice to understand all the difficult concepts in the syllabus. Therefore, the students require an extra amount of time outside the institutional walls and gain more knowledge. This is where home tuition comes into picture.


As the competition level in entrance exams increases, so do the centres for home tuition. Certain students prefer asking queries privately to the teacher than publicly in front of the entire classroom. This awkward situation is void in the comfortable space of their homes and the student feels more confident to ask doubts to the teacher. Here, the students get personal attention from the teacher, and even parents since everyone is at home.


Students reduce wasting time on commuting which helps them save time and energy that can be utilized to study instead. The students are less distracted by other students, as the teacher gives all their attention to one student. The subjects and lessons learnt in such classes, help the students in better comprehension of the same subject later in school.


They are convenient for the students as well as the parents as the parents are more comfortable with their child in front of them.


Here at BYJU’S, we try our best to make the academic environment for the students less stressful by providing home tuitions in both online and offline mode. Our classes are conducted by experienced teachers who explain all the concepts in the module in the easiest manner.


Below are the list of advantages the students has from home tuitions:

  • Student gets complete attention from the teacher
  • Parents become more involved in their kid’s academics
  • Students are learning inside the four walls of their home; a place where they are comfortable.
  • As the teacher or tutor arrives to the house, it eliminates the time students waste on commute
  • In the absence of classmates, the candidate is more likely to ask doubts to the tutor
  • A home tutor understand the personal struggles and challenges the student goes through
  • This eventually leads to improved performance of the student in weak areas

Online Tuition is the Next Big Thing:

Online tuitions are highly used by students and academicians around the world.These classes involve one-on-one personal coaching, where the teacher and student are not present together physically but can communicate virtually via internet. This occurs through the streaming of video calling, where the teacher and students are face-to-face but are not physically present in the same room. The idea to study from the comfort space of your house, is the primary reason why these classes are so popular.

With the introduction of online tutoring, the possibilities of students and teachers to interact has drastically changed over time. Through these classes, the students and teachers can connect and study from any part of the world, with the access to video call streaming.

The most important thing to remember is that because of these virtual classes, students can now save their time and energy to study instead of commuting. Compared to the traditional education system, the money spent on virtual classes is comparatively lesser.

Below are the benefits of enrolling if you take these virtual classes:

  • Students get the opportunity to learn anywhere, anytime of the day and at their own speed. There is no need to rush here.
  • There are no limits to geography here, so the student gets tutored by the best from the field of the subjects
  • There are several free online courses available for students all over the world.
  • Students can interact with different teacher and several other students from different parts of the world
  • Students find this more pocket friendly and convenient
  • There’s more flexibility to conduct these classes and in course schedule

There is easy access to any study material that the student might require during studying. They comprise attractive tutorial videos that appeal to the students. In these classes, the students have the liberty to record, save and access the information whenever they want. Sometimes an entire lesson can be recorded and kept for later references by the students.

Students can interact live with other classrooms around the world in a global classroom setting. In the virtual setting, there is less competition compared to the traditional educational world, where students are at their throats to score marks better than the contemporary students.