When we talk about PDF, Adobe Acrobat seems to be an “inseparable word”. Yes, Adobe is software for handling various things related to PDF; editing, resizing and so on. But one thing to realize, Adobe’s popularity does not mean that it is the software which is suitable for your business. Maybe some reasons like these: It’s expensive or it’s difficult to operate. Therefore, if we want to work (with PDF) more effectively, we should look at other alternatives. One of them is Wondershare PDF element 7. This is considered the best alternative to Adobe and for information, you can get a discount of 50% when you buy it during BlackFriday. We are aware that choosing a program to edit, protect and create PDF documents can be quite confusing. Therefore, we have compiled a number of points which can be a strong basis for why you can count on Wondershare PDFelement 7.

To introduce you nothing like doing it in summary: the best integrated PDF package that allows you to create, edit, convert and even protect PDF files, among other functions, without specific knowledge requirements. Here are the important points of PDFelement 7:

1. Features of WondersharePDFelement 7

Below, we detail each of the features that WondersharePDFelement includes:


When you start the program, you immediately face a very intuitive and easy-to-use menu. The options appear on the screen and each one has the keywords that allow us to easily identify the functions of each menu.

Edit PDF

With the option Edit PDF text you can open any PDF file and apply the changes you want, such as editing or deleting text, images, adding comments or watermarks without any difficulty. There are also options available, such as selecting the pages to be extracted from a document and, therefore, creating a new PDF, resizing, rotating and even deleting images. This editing system is as simple and complete as the one provided by Microsoft Word.

Create base PDF document

With PDFelement we can create a basic PDF file, that is, as if it were a blank document to start creating. The editing mode is very simple, just click on the top of the toolbar in FILE, and then NEW. A new editable document will open and you will start inserting the content you want.

Convert PDF

This function allows you to convert a PDF file into various types of formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, RTF and images, including JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and TIFF formats. In two words, these operations were performed quickly and easily.

Join / merge PDF

The Combine PDF option is exactly this, which allows you to combine several PDF documents into one or on the contrary, separate a document into several pages.

Batch process and OCR PDF
From the user’s point of view, this tool is quite complete and easy to use, but Wondershare has gone a step further by introducing the optional OCR (Optical Character Recognition) add-on that really adds value simply by digitizing a document and make it editable while maintaining the original format and design.OCR also supports text conversion in 25 languages, such as English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Romanian, Greek, among others.

In addition, you can process multiple files by batch function. Besides OCR, you can use batch process to handle Convert, Extract data, Watermark, Optimize and Encryption.

  1. Conclusion: Despite the professional tools available, the user will have no difficulty exploring and working on this program. Even the trial version allows you to perform high quality jobs efficiently.In conclusion, we can consider this tool as one of the most complete in the market. It is paid, it is true, however, the characteristics that present both the professional level of functions and the interface itself justify every penny. Also at this time you have 50% discount!

PDFelement is not only provided individual version, if you are a company, you can also find the team license. It includes Flexible Deployment MSI through GPO, Windows SCCM, Windows Terminal ServerTM, User Licensing Management, Self-serve License Management, Dedicated Technical Support and many more.