Poker is one of those games that has players from all over the world, each exceeding the other in their skill, aggressiveness and at times, even their mouthiness. It is truly an interesting game both to play and to watch. The professionals often make some unlikely and surprising choices to find their way to the top. That is proof of how ingenious are the players and also the game itself – visit super mega fluffy rainbow vegas jackpot casino.

In this article, we present to you some of the best poker hands ever to have gone down in a casino setting.

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Tony G vs Ankush Mandavia

This one hell of a poker hand was played in August 2018. Tony G was dealt pocket 6’s against Ankush Mandavia with an Ace – 8 in matching spades. What doesn’t come as a surprise is that Tony G raised the bet from $75 to $225 as he was giving his opponents a lecture – a classic act from the poker veteran. Mandavia called. Both players had good-mid-range hands in their own minds.

The flop revealed 6 – A – A, to which Tony G immediately burst out with “500!” and let his opponents know that he doesn’t have an Ace. Ankush Mandavia called the $500 bet as if to crush Tony G’s attempt at bluffing. Then, the Turn revealed another 6!

At this point, the table read 6 – A – A – 6, to which players exchanged bets once again and saw a K being dealt in the River. Tony G asked Mandavia whether he could beat quads of 6’s. Mandavia replied with “No.”. Tony G went all-in and said, “then fold or you’ll lose, I’m not lying”. Mandavia didn’t take the veteran’s advice and called the bet, only for his Full House to be beaten by Quads!

This is one of the worst beats in the history of poker and a fantastic watch.

Toby Lewis vs Andrew Robl

This must be one of the most unbelievable hands ever seen in a poker game.

Toby Lewis is playing against Andrew Robl with pocket Queens against Robl’s pocket 9’s. Both hands could be classed as good or even great.

After the Flop reveals Q – 9 – Q, Lewis secures the pot with his Queen Quads. His opponent is none the wiser though and thinks himself of having a good chance with his Full house! Andrew Robl raises 18000 with a full house and a 0% chance of winning. Toby Lewis calls.

The Turn reveals a 5 which doesn’t do either player any good, but the River reveals a 9! At this point, Andrew Robl must have been flying over the moon. Little did he know, he was playing Quads against Quads. Both players went all-in and Toby Lewis took the pot with his hand of Queens.