After purchasing a powerful gaming PC, one needs to ensure that it remains in good health from inside and out. To manage a gaming desktop from the inside, one needs to install a web of useful software that will support its functions and better your gaming experience. After spending a mountain of cash on your priceless device, blowing even more off on software may greatly outweigh your budget. With little research and analysis, one can easily prepare a list of free applications that will compliment your PC to a great extent.

For those searching for viable software solutions for their computers, this article singles out an array of user-friendly software for your new gaming PC. Even a pre-built gaming PC that comes with its own set of installed programs requires a considerable amount of white-washing for it to function at its fullest potential.


The name ‘Steam’ may sound familiar to both new and old gamers alike; a platform designed with the sole purpose of simplifying the life of gamers. For those who own a gaming PC, imagining your system without Steam may seem like an impossible prospect. One can compare a gaming desktop without Steam to an organism without a heart. Steam helps maintain a professional, safe and systematic environment for you to store your games safely within your desktop; comparable to consoles with closed-boxes.

One can search for free and paid games on Steam with ease, download them, and proceed to run them directly while browsing the application. Steam maintains a system where they grade gamers on their achievements while complimenting comfort with their useful Big Picture gaming mode if you own a gaming PC, download Stream for free, now! For individuals who desire the world of in-built software, this website has the updates needed.


Imagine downloading your favourite RPG on Steam only to realize that your drive lacks the space to store it; a situation that qualifies as a gamer’s real nightmare. To avoid such dealing with such unfortunate circumstances, one can utilize WinDirStat, an application that actively monitors your storage, helping you track most of your programs with precision.

WinDirStat will help you delete segments of from your drive while showcasing statistical and graphical data on your monitor for you to track actively. With this application, you will know when your campaign gets overloaded with data, and possess the power to handle the useless fragments with care.

LogMeIn Hamachi

For those who like sharing data, games and files, while organizing interactive podcasts, LogMeIn Hamachi may smoothly get you through most of those tasks. Apart from the features mentioned above, the application works as a Virtual Private Network. It thus helps establish a secure network between you and your peers at any given time, for free!

With the application’s secure network, you can exchange essential files and documents without the fear of theft and sabotage. The application can also establish a strong Peer to peer network capable of accessing routers, systems and firewalls with ease. Even with such an elaborate stack of features, LogMeIn Hamachi’s user-interface stands extremely simple to use! No matter your level of experience, this application will always support you!


In first-person shooting games, one needs to stick to their teams and cooperate with them to make a perfect kill! Moreover, without communication, coordination can become an incredibly complex task; software like discord may assist gamers by simplifying communication. However, among voice-chat applications, TeamSpeak stands miles ahead of other applications, specializing solely in vocal communication while gaming. One can connect with numerous friends and organize their team with ease!

Apart from merely offering proper voice connectivity with a large number of people, the application works to reduce echo and balances sound levels even in a pre-built gaming PC. Gamers can download TeamSpeak for absolutely free; however, one needs to pay a specified sum of money while renting a personal server through the application.

Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Razer will help enhance your gaming experience with a plethora of optimization applications, specially designed to better your PC’s performance. However, within a list of free applications, one might occasionally find themselves scrolling through an array of premium software. Nevertheless, Game Booster holds on to its promise of revolutionizing your gaming experience for the better!

No matter your build and its specifications, Game Booster can optimize any gaming and kick-start your career as a pro-gamer. This is possible even with a primary gaming setup. However, for PCs packing monster specifications, Game Booster can provide a creamy-smooth gameplay experience, even for new gamers. No matter the platform, Game Booster will help you run your game with little complication and utmost fluidity!

For those looking to give their PC and extra boost while engaging in both casual and competitive gaming, the Game booster could become your ticket to success.

OBS Studio

For those who wish to broadcast their gaming stream on to a platform such as Twitch or YouTube, OBS Studio can help you break to network and quality limitations, and promote your stream at any outlet with flawless quality and precision. Amongst platforms that support HD broadcasting, OBS Studio stands at the very top of the list!

With OBS Studio’s optimized user interface, you can make your audiences witness the in-game visuals at the highest settings! For those new to gaming, this application can help you reach newer heights of success when used wisely.


Gamers realize the pain of losing their eyesight more than anyone else. Staring at one’s monitor, desperately trying to gather quest items and trophies can prove extremely damaging to one’s vision. In the process, it definitely gets ruined! However, with f.lux, you may control and balance colours on your monitors, depending on the time of the day. With this application, your eyes will never lose their light!

For those searching for applications to help kick-start your new career as a gamer, downloading the above free software programs may help revolutionize your gaming experience! These applications can help enhance your system for the better, assist you through every step.