Back in the earliest days of the slot machine industry the likes of Charles D. Fey were releasing the infamous Liberty Bell slot machine. It was a pretty rudimentary slot by today’s standards that nonetheless was the first to be able to pay actual money, rather than the prize simply being a cigar or drink. This was only little more than a century ago though, and the rate of progress within the slots industry has been absolutely staggering throughout – play at Daisy Slots

First it was the electro-magnetic slots in the 60s that enabled developers to start thinking about added bonus features, and then video slots in the 80s took this to a whole new level. Of course none of this has come close to comparing to the impact of online slots in the 21st century – now you can even spin the reels of slot games using Bitcoin! We suspect you probably want to learn more about this, so keep reading for the pros and cons of Bitcoin slot games. 

Bitcoin: A quick look at a fascinating cryptocurrency 

The first thing to do here before anything else is explore in a bit more detail what Bitcoin actually is, because although most of us have probably heard of it by now, we are willing to bet that not many of us actually know exactly what it is. In essence Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency – the first in fact – which is a type of currency that exists only as computer code, and uses complex blockchain coding to ensure that it is incredibly secure. 

The funny thing about Bitcoin is that nobody really knows who invented it, with a pseudonym of Satoshi Nakamoto being given. Its value has skyrocketed over the last decade, with some early investors making millions off an initially quite small investment. Bitcoin is certainly here to stay, and with things like Bitcoins slots taking off it seems as though people are excited to start seeing more of it. 

The pros of Bitcoin slot games 

Okay, so that was a bit of an exploration into what Bitcoin actually is, so now it’s time to hone things down into the online slots realm. You know you can play online slots with Bitcoin now? It’s pretty mental! Keep reading for some of the pros of Bitcoin slot games: 

  •         Security: Due to the fact that Bitcoin operates using a complex blockchain protocol it means that it is actually very difficult for anybody to steal Bitcoin. This means that Bitcoin slot games can often be a lot more secure.
  •         Fast transactions: A big reason behind Bitcoin’s popularity is the speed at which you can send it. After all, who doesn’t like fast transactions?

The cons of Bitcooin slot games 

Those were some of the Bitcoin slot games pros, but what about the cons? Here are a few: 

  •         Obscurity: Although Bitcoin slot games are getting more and more popular, they still have a long way to go until they can become genuinely famous.
  •         Slot selection: Bitcoin slot games can also be a lot more limited in terms of selection.