Two things that will help you survive and win Cold War Gun Game are knowing the weapons and location of the enemies. This may sound simple, but it’s not easy unless you prepare for the game.

Gun Game is different from the normal game mode you’re used to playing in COD. The requirement to win is 20 kills, but all the players start with the same gun. There’s no loot nor provision to buy weapons. If you want to change the first weapon, which is usually a pistol, you must get your first kill.

So, if you’re new to gun game mode, the tips and tricks in this article will help you. Also, you can go on to Battlelog site for advanced game cheats to win easier. Whatever you decide, we got your back.

Gun Game Tips & Tricks

1.    Learn your first weapon fast

One important thing to note about Gun game is that every player is using the same weapon in the beginning. So, you must know that other players are strategizing on how to use it to their advantage. This is why you must understand the best way to use the weapon so that the enemies won’t get the best of you.

For instance, if you spawned with a shotgun, every other player did too. But you’ll have the edge over others if you realize that these types of weapons are best against moving targets.

2.    Get that first kill faster.

The only way to change your weapon in Gun Game is by killing the enemy. Once you get one kill, your gun might changes from a pistol to a shotgun. While every other player is fighting with a pistol, you’ll get an advanced weapon for easier kills.

But the fun comes when you kill an enemy and change your weapon to a Submachine gun. Don’t forget that the weapons are randomized. So, you can’t predict the one that follows your next kill.

3.    Don’t shoot randomly.

Even if it’s a gun game, you don’t have to shoot carelessly. Always make sure that every shoot catches the enemy. Changing your weapon will indeed seem interesting, but you may get a lower quality.

So, don’t shoot without a steady aim because you still need 20 kills to win apart from changing your weapons.

4.      Adopt a game style that suits your weapon

You’re not buying any weapon of your choice on Gun Game. You will have to use whatever the system dishes out after a kill. So, any weapon that comes to you should determine how you play the game.

The reason is that your gun is the only defense you have, and whatsoever type of gun, it becomes your only option. So, always change your game style to suit the weapon. For instance, if you’re holding a shotgun, avoid open spaces. Take cover indoors that can enable a close-combat confrontation. Also, using simple machine guns won’t support running & gunning.

So, always adopt a play style that suits your weapon.

5.    Be careful of the Night-Time Maps.

The night-time map can give your position away from the enemies. It will also help you to locate the enemies. Everyone will be using lasers to ensure a good aim. As the enemies aim, you can locate and finish them off. Also, when you aim with lasers, the enemies will locate you quickly. So, make sure you’re fast, alert, and properly positioned while playing the night-time maps

6.    Don’t Sprint after respawning.

Sprinting is good, but not at that time when you respawn. If you sprint, your enemy will know where you are and kill you immediately. At that moment, you can’t defend yourself because your gun is not ready due to the movement.

7.    Position matter in Sniper Round

The sniper round is very difficult for many Gun Game players. They find it hard to win the round because they ignore the importance of positioning. If you want to cross this bridge faster, focus on your line of sight.

Make sure you maintain a position and wait for a careless enemy to pass through for your perfect shot. Don’t mind the regular sprints and the frightening machine guns they might be holding. Once you get a good spot and prepare for the kill shot, the enemy will enter your line of fire.


Gun Game is different from other game modes in Black Ops Cold War. But the variety it brings with weapons makes it unique. Imagine playing with all the guns that you never knew existed in one game.

The fun part is that the guns don’t follow a sequence. So, you will have to experiment with lots of different weapons that can even help you in other games.