Boltt Sports has announced that it has started taking pre-orders for its Stride Sensor and Fitness Bands in India and other countries. The company will offer the products to Early Adopters at special discount.

Boltt SportsThe products will be available for pre-order during the company’s ‘Pre order campaign’ & users can order on company’s website. Advance orders for Boltt wearables will be accepted until 12 noon till 5th August. The product will be shipped from August in batches.

The Boltt ‘Connected Sneakers’ are embedded with sensors that track the biomechanical data, as one indulges in physical activities throughout the day. It is powered by the Boltt Audio AI coach.

The Boltt stride sensor is a small advance sensor that make any ordinary shoe ‘smart’. From analysing the user’s motion & cadence to sensing individual stride & pace, it sure is a user’s kinematic running database available to him 24×7.

The Boltt fitness-tracker or the smart bands, help make fitness a habit rather than a compulsion. The trackers are available in a number of chic colours with interchangeable straps that detects physical movement, tracks sleep, gives reminders for longer durations of sedentary routines. Paired with the Boltt application, it becomes your personalised fitness guide that coaches a user on sleep, nutrition, activities and running.

Indian based Sports Wearable brand is offering the Boltt Fitness Bands and stride sensors with 3, 6 and 12 months of health assistant. The Boltt Fitness tracker Price in India starts at Rs. 1,359. While the Boltt Stride Sensor price in India starts at Rs. 1,999.

“With an increased focus on health and fitness, the global audience is looking to move beyond mere data points and seek active mentoring that can help them maintain their fitness routine and stay motivated. This is precisely how Boltt serves the need gap in the market with its connected fitness solutions that gives real time feedback. Unlike a human coach where due to paucity of time the mentoring is restricted, the virtual coach  is available 24×7 like a mentor, a friend and a partner during your training.” said Aayushi Kishore, co-founder and CMO, Boltt.

“We wanted to introduce revolutionary fitness products which were affordable and were capable of enhancing the overall lifestyle of an average individual and help fitness enthusiasts and sportsmen with a more comprehensive mentoring which is not just restrained to numbers but goes a step ahead and caters to their most miniscule needs in terms of trainings and fitness regimen. And, that however was not happening through the existing products in the market where they’re more or less limited to either one form of service domain or to just numerical data. We’re glad that we’ll be able to break that monotony in the market through our products.”  said Arnav Kishore, founder and CEO, Boltt.