Brightstar Corp. has been named by Forbes Media among its list of “America’s Best Midsize Employers,” for 2019. The corporation is ranked number 146 out of 500. Forbes partnered with Statista in order to determine the list. Statista is a global market research company that assisted Forbes with anonymously surveying over 50,000 employees in the U.S., working for companies that employ a minimum of 1000 individuals in their U.S. locations.

A series of 35 questions was answered by survey participants about work-related topics for Brightstar Corp employees. These included questions about salary, working conditions, scope for development and the image of the company. Respondents were also asked how likely it would be that they would recommend their employers to others. The top 500 midsize employers were determined based on how the companies were ranked based on the calculated scores.

Brightstar Europe’s, Rod Millar, acknowledged that being named among the best midsize employer is a real honor. However, he is not surprised since the company has had quite a transformational year and a collaborative spirit has been fostered among members of staff. He further stated that they are aware that the U.S. job market currently favors employees. Therefore, everything is being done to engage, hire and retain the best individual for the job.

The ever-evolving workforce, along with amplified competition to entice and retain the best talents, means staff members have to create spaces in which employees want to work. The diverse membership base and global footprint provide the company with a front-row seat. They are also afforded with exceptional insight into the evolving behavior of businesses and their staff members.

About Brightstar

The brainchild of Marcelo Claure, Brightstar begun operations in 1997 as a small distributor of mobile phones with a regional reach. Today, the company has a presence in almost 50 countries located across 5 continents. It has become an international leader in lifecycle management services for mobile devices.

In 2014, the SoftBank Group acquired Brightstar and it is now the biggest wholly-owned subsidiary the Group controls. In recent times, Claure returned to the company and now serves in the capacity of Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The global operations of the company are based in Miami, Florida and are supported by a number of satellite offices located in 6 states across the U.S.

Millar has stated that mobile devices are essential to how people live these days. Therefore, Brightstar performs some very crucial functions for modern living. He further stated that the fact that the company can do what they do so well attests to the satisfaction and dedication of their employees.

Brightstar undoubtedly has its fingers on the pulse of one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding sectors of the wireless device industry. This was achieved as they have been specializing in used device. The fact that they also offer top-notch security and privacy protocols has helped their position as well.

As a global superstar in the wireless and mobile technology industry, the company processes over 100 million devices annually. They also offer a range of invaluable services to mobile carriers, retailers and individual consumers. This level of service has propelled them to a place among the industry leaders. They major in a number of areas like device protection, trade-in, financial solutions and buy-back. These services are designed for small scale consumers as well as Rogers, Sprint and other telecommunication giants.

Through an exceptional combination of superior customer service and techie ingenuity, the company has earned itself a prominent role in the development and growth of the wireless and mobile technology industry. Brightstar has also captured the attention of the consumer review crew at BV Rating.

Being placed on the list among the 2019 “America’s Best Midsize Employers” will only enhance the growth and domination of the company in the industry. The versatility of the services offered by Brightstar to consumers, retailers and mobile carriers has enabled them to corner a whole market, concentrating on the used-device sector which is expanding rapidly.

On top of the Forbes ranking, Brightstar is also in the running for multiple Mobile Industry awards and acquisitions. Aptly named, Brightstar is a company with wireless device lifecycle management services that are in line with the expanding demands of its industry.

As a global leader of all inclusive device lifecycle management solutions, this subsidiary of the SoftBank Group Corp. is the foremost provider of logistics and mobility services for managing accessories and devices across the wireless ecosystem. The company essentially simplifies the world of wireless technology, making mobile equipment accessible to everyone.

Brightstar also touches every phase of the lifecycle of the device, from when it is manufactured to the time when it is ready to trade it in and have it re-marketed.