Computer has become an essential item of our lives. Computers are helping a lot in the current situation where Work from Home is only viable option. However things get complicated when the computer starts getting slow and hangs up the work.

Computer may not work properly for several reasons like Space constrains, corrupted file, startup files. In order to make space available we have to delete unnecessary files on our Computer, however things are not as easy as we think. To overcome this issue on your Mac computer, Today we are going to tell you about BuhoCleaner app. The software can help you in cleaning your Mac easily that too at less than $10.

Today in this post, we are going to review the Dr. BuhoCleaner software for Mac computers. In our review, we will tell you about the top features and how to use the BuhoCleaner.

BuhoCleaner Features:

The software comes with several features. Lets check out top features of BuhoCleaner:

1. Specializing in Mac disk cleaning

The software comes with a simple disk cleaning features. With BuhoCleaner, you can clean up your Mac easily without having to go through several duplicate features. By specializing in the disc cleaning function, you can clean up your Mac at high speed with simple operations.

2. Clean Junk cache files

If your Mac is running slow then this issue occurs due to unnecessary cache files. BuhoCleaner can remove temporary files, app leftovers, and system cache with one click. This feature cleans up your mac easily.

3. Delete unused apps:

Majority of Mac storage is taken by apps. Out of these apps there are several unused app which ends up taking lots of space. If you uninstall these unused apps manually then the app cache may still be taking space on your mac. With Dr. Buho, you can easily remove the unwanted apps and their leftovers from system cache.

4. Delete Duplicate and Large files:

One of the toughest job is to find the large files while cleaning the Mac. BuhoCleaner can help you with the list of large files on the hard disk. You can easily select the large files and delete them right away.

Along with deleting large files, BuhoCleaner also shows the duplicate files present in your hard disk by scanning for identical files. You can easily select and remove duplicate files.

5. Manage startup apps:

Startup applications hangs up the startup process on your mac a lot. Buhocleaner scans all the applications which are set to start during startup process. You can disable apps which are not required to start during turning on the Mac. Disabling the startup applications can really speed up the Mac.

6. Compatible with macOS Big Sur and Apple M1:

BuhoCleaner is optimized for latest macOS Big Sur. It is fully compatible with updated safari and iMessage apps on macOS big sur. The forthcoming updates on MacOS are also supported by Dr. Buho.

Along with macOS Big Sur, BuhoCleaner also works perfectly on Apple M1 Processor. The software delivers about 3X faster speed on indexing all macOS system remnants, orphans and leftovers.

7. Lifetime updates:

The best part of BuhoCleaner is that it comes with lifetime free updates. Once you purchase a license, you are eligible for lifetime free updates including regular and major updates.

How to Clean up your Mac with BuhoCleaner:

Let’s check out the step by step procedure to Clean your Mac easily with BuhoCleaner:

Step 1: First step to clean the Mac is to get the software. Download the BuhoCleaner from official website. Once the file is downloaded, install the software.

BuhoCleanerStep 2: Once the software is installed, launch BuhoCleaner. You can either buy the premium version or continue using the free version which comes with clean up restrictions.

Step 3: To start cleaning process, select the flash clean option. After that select the scan button. Now software with start scanning for junk and unwanted files residing on your Mac. You will need to grant Full Disk Access for deep scanning.

Step 4: Now the software will show the amount of data which can removed from the Mac. You can either proceed straight away or click on View Details to select the individual file to be removed.

Step 5: You can now select files which you want to remove and which files you want to keep. Now click on remove button to start the cleaning process.

Step 6: Now your Mac is cleaned and you have saved a lots GBs on your hard disk for other stuff.

In this way you can clean up and speed up your Mac.


This is the most important factor of BuhoCleaner, it doesn’t comes with a hefty price tag. The software is priced at $9.99 for 1 Mac. If you own multiple Mac then you can opt for Family license which costs $14.99 for 3 Macs. If you opt for Family license then you will end up paying below $5 for 1 Mac computer.

Final Thoughts:

In our usage Dr. BuhoCleaner works flawlessly. It helps in cleaner the junk files from Hard Disk with just one click. The pricing of the software is also very nominal and its offer lifetime updates under $10. If you own a Mac then BuhoCleaner is a must have app.