Every now and then a device comes along that is not just practical, but can also be fun. There have been many in the last few decades that fit this description – not least the smartphone and tablet – and we find that they become a much bigger part of our lives than we might have thought at first.

Take the bicycle: invented as a form of transport, and very basic at first, when the bicycle gained pedals and became more sophisticated – the earliest models were simply a frame with wheels that the rider pushed along with their feet – they became very attractive to people who needed to cover short distances, and wanted to do so at a faster pace than walking.

Soon, bicycles were being improved with better, lighter, frames, and the addition of brakes, gears and more. But we’re not here to talk about bikes; we’re here to tell you about one of the best personal electric vehicles you can but right now – the electric unicycle!

What is An Electric Unicycle?

A short description; the electric unicycle is a compact, single-wheel vehicle powered by an electric motor, designed for personal use, and that comes with self-balancing technology. It’s the latter that may be of most interest to you, as it makes these devices far easier to use than if you had to balance as well as ride it.

If you check out the website www.electricunicycles.co you should get an idea of what we are talking about, and you can see the differences between certain models there too, but we’ll try and explain the self-balancing in a bit more detail.

In simple terms, the electric unicycle uses devices known as gyroscopes – you may have played with one of these a child – and accelerometers. The latter is a similar device to that which senses which way up you are holding your tablet, and that adjusts the screen from landscape to portrait accordingly. Working together, these devices ensure that the unicycle stays upright at all times, leaving you to concentrate on where you are going, and how quickly!

Why Do You Need an Electric Unicycle?

If there was a device that you could ride to the bus stop, train station or similar, fold up and carry while on the journey, then set down and ride to your place of work, and then repeat the journey in revers in the evening, would it be of interest to you? It would make that tiresome walk on cold mornings less stressful – even fun, in fact – and would cut down on the time you need to get to and from work.

That’s what the electric unicycle offers, and with some able to travel at speeds of 30mph and more – we don’t recommend that on a crowded sidewalk – you can get to and from pretty quickly. Furthermore, you can charge it via a USB port while you work, and get the full range of as much as 20miles every time.

But it’s not all work for the electric unicycle, as they are great fun too! Remember when skateboards were all the rage? The electric unicycle is reckoned by many to take off in a similar way, as it can provide amazing thrills even at the lowest speeds. There are even models that are designed for rougher terrain, so you can go off-road on your unicycle!

We reckon this is the best personal transport development of the 21st century – smaller, lighter and more versatile than, for example, the electric bicycle – so why not check out electric unicycles now, and make that daily trip to and from work a lot more fun.