It takes approximately 8-10 minutes on average to schedule and reschedule meetings or cancel appointments. This basically means that on a rough estimate, it takes around seven calls to fill up an entire hour.

Now let’s say an employee’s income is $20 per hour, and the employee uses this time every day to schedule appointments; you would be paying them above $5000 every year on scheduling calls!

Here’s where Calendly comes into play.


Calendly Pros:

Makes scheduling considerably easy: Calendly shows all the information of the invited members, including the names and schedules. You can simply check the member’s schedules and go ahead with them and basically, you don’t need to go back and forth arranging and further rearranging a scheduled meeting. In other words, you know who is attending the meeting in advance. It works efficiently on the website and email as well.

Schedule when available: Why schedule a meeting when you know that the other person you want to interact with through the meeting is not available? The invited member can simply check the schedule with whom they want to arrange the meeting and simply choose a meeting date and time that matches their availability. You simply do not have to communicate directly through phone calls or emails continuously back and forth. It just saves the time and hassle.

Calendars can be merged: With Calendly, you can work with other calendars too. This basically means if there’s another meeting or appointment that you have scheduled on another calendar, Calendly can make a note of it and make sure that you don’t miss it.

Calendly Cons:

Lacks a bit of clarity for active user response: There is a bit of fuss here where, in Calendly, the users may have checked the link with confirming, but it does not show. This can leave you in doubt, and there’s confusion.

Occasional Crashing Down: Sometimes, the Calendly app does not run as smoothly as it should, and there are crashes that you may experience at times while working with Calendly. It may irritate and cause a problem for the user if they are fixing a crucial meeting with someone.

Have you ever tried to sent dozens of back and forth emails to a clients, trying to agree on a date for a consultation? It takes so much time and energy just to find a day that works for you both.

Why Choose Calendly?

It’s simple, Calendly does what other or most of the resources you have can’t. You don’t have to keep going back, sending clients and prospects’ emails. Instead, you can set your appointments directly on Calendly. It is an easy-to-use online appointment scheduler.

It’s even easy to use, you simply send a link to your calendar on Calendly, and your client just has to click that link. There, they will see all the times and dates that you are or will be available. They select one, list down all the details, and after this is done, Calendly simple sends across that information to your calendar as well as your clients.

People mainly use Calendly for these features and also due to the simplicity of the app. It can be integrated with your Apple, Office 365, Outlook, or Google Calendar. There’s even a free plan that you can use if you have just one type of event.

However, if you have more than one type of event, you’ll need to upgrade your plan to a monthly or annual plan which does not cost much. One more drawback is that you can’t modify email notifications that you receive from your client if you’re on the free plan. Even so, already designed email notifications are still great to use if you’re not deciding to go for the paid subscription plan.

There have been generally positive reviews for Calendly. But some users have experienced failure in integration to other calendars or crashing for no apparent reason. Users mostly focus on the app’s outstanding features, with some negative feedback saying that there is an issue with integrating to multiple calendars at once. Overall, the response and reviews that Calendly has gotten are huge and positive by the numbers. In other words, people love this app!

Another app that could be used as a Calendly Alternative too is Sprintful. However, users found Calendly to be easier to use, organize and set up. There is no other app that is as good as Calendly if you’d read the reviews online. Thou many appreciated Sprintful too but Users find Calendly to be the better and more preferred option. Also, updates on features were more preferred for Calendly rather than Doodle for the users.


If you’re a businessman owning a small business or have a large organization where time is of the essence then this app is just what you need. On the other hand, if you’re just a student or a fresh graduate who is tech savvy then you give this app a go. Not only will you save time and trouble of sending emails repeatedly, you’ll also save money and feel comfortable. Make sure to check in on your employees as well to see if they are using the tool since it is so efficient. I hope I have covered every aspect of this article.

What’s more, it can spread rust to your productivity and ruin the workflow when there’s a lot that needs handling in your work premise, like scheduling meetings. Calendly is a highly powered automatic scheduling tool that makes it easier for you to communicate with your colleagues, clients, friends, family etc. It is quite flexible and helps in scheduling.

I hope I have made it easier for you to determine for yourself how good of a tool Calendly is, and once you have grasped the information on how to use the product and you can try it out for yourself and observe its pros and cons.