Yes, eWebGuru supports Node.js application on its Cloud Dedicated server hosting. If you are seeking the best web hosting company that supports Node.Js application on its server, then approaching eWebGuru would be the best option if you are from India. Not all hosting companies support Node.js application on their server, however, node.js is a pretty handy application useful in many ways for all size business websites.

Being one among the top-notch web hosting solution provider in the country India, eWebGuru always evolves with the latest and innovative web & web hosting technologies. By keep updating their web hosting solution to match with the latest tech, eWebGuru ensures giving a future-proof hosting solution for their clients without any doubt.

What is Node.Js?

Many might think, as Node.js as a framework or a library but it is wrong. Well, Node.Js is a server-side environment that supports JavaScript applications. Hosted websites in a server that supports JavaScript application can avail a huge amount of benefits. Especially, the features like easy and quick scalability along with supporting fast web applications by the Node.Js applications are most welcomed features for a business website. Besides, Node.js plays a vital role in creating effective real-time web applications.

In most cases, web hosting companies prefer VPS and Dedicated server hosting for introducing Node.Js applications. Because VPS and a Dedicated server hosting option seem to be the best option for hosting Node.Js when compared with all other web hosting types.

Top Reasons to Use Node.Js for Web Application 

Ever since the Node.js introduced to the public, it has been one of the favorite tools for developers to create a wide range of web applications. Since it is written by the JavaScript, the Node.js becomes open source cross-platform runtime environment.

Node.js comes with exceptional packages of features that enforce developers to pick node.js as their favorite choice when it comes to developing a web application particularly on developing real-time web applications.

  • The effectiveness of JavaScript in Node.js allows developers to create web servers and networking tools.
  • Application made by Node.js can run on a variety of servers like Ms. Windows, Mac OS X, UNIX and so.
  • The presence of the inbuilt library features in the Node.js platform triggers the application to act as a web server.
  • Node.js possess a high speed of accessing ability owing to that web application developed in Node.js can be perfect for offering multi-users access and real-time applications.

Benefits of Using Node.js on Web Development

  1. Node.js offers you all the pros offered by full-stack JavaScript at backend process
  2. Node.js offers better efficiency
  3. Node.js enables code sharing and reusability
  4. Node.js Application can have high-speed access and perform much better
  5. Node.js is easy to understand by the developer team
  6. It offers a huge number for free tools to inherit for developing an effective application
  7. Node.js featured with fast processing and works on an event-based model
  8. Node.js itself severs as a Proxy Server
  9. It is a game-changing technology that acts as an effective single codebase for developers
  10. It encourages sharing and data streaming

Node.js hosting at eWebGuru

Here eWebGuru offers Node.Js application on its fully managed cloud dedicated server to meet their clients anticipated needs for hosting their business website. Although, Node.js hosting supports on VPS but still dedicated server would be the highly preferred hosting option for hosting a business website. They offers excellent hosting features for their clients, here are the few lists of features which can be availed by site owners at eWebGuru.

  • Wide Range of Web hosting Types offered
  • Affordable Rates and Contracts
  • Completive Domain and Transfer Fees
  • Easy Cancellation Policies
  • High-Tech Security for All Hosted Sites
  • Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth
  • Variety of Preinstalled apps and Easy Integrations
  • Guaranteed Server Uptime
  • High Client’s Reputation
  • Supreme Customer Service
  • Better Server Hardware
  • Future-proof Web Hosting

Now, with the inclusion of the Node.js application on its dedicated server hosting plans, eWebGuru hosting would be the dream paradise for hosting business sites.

Bottom Line

eWebGuru offers a wide range of hosting plans under its dedicated server hosting. All those plans include premium-hosting features and come at affordable rates, which is cheapest in the Indian market.