If you don’t own a mobile phone, where have you been hiding? These days even my Grandma Doreen owns a smartphone, and they seem to be able to do just about everything! This might make you wonder, ‘can I play free spins no deposit UK video slots on my mobile phone?’ We’re going to be answering exactly that, so read on to find out more!

So… can I?

Absolutely! Slot machine developers realized many years ago that smartphone users were craving that video slot experience, and they’ve been on the case ever since. Today in 2021 there are tons of ways to play video slots on your mobile phone – here are just a few of them:

–          Search for ‘video slots’ in your mobile phone app store

–          Play slot machine games and apps on social media such as Facebook

–          Web-based slots on mobile

Playing video slots on social media can be a great way of having a social slot experience, but there isn’t much selection. The best options are web-based slot games on your phone’s browser or downloading a slot app. Apps are generally optimised for mobile better, and if you own an old phone then some video slot websites may be too much for your phone to handle!

I can still play for real cash, right?

You can play mobile video slots for real cash, but unfortunately companies such as Facebook do not endorse gambling, meaning games found on these platforms will not use real cash but instead virtual currency. It may also surprise you to hear this is equally common on Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. See, Apple and Android aren’t allowed to encourage gambling either, and therefore for a while the vast selection of mobile slot apps consisted only of free to play slots. Don’t worry though – there is a way to ensure that you get the real slot experience AND play with real cash on your phone, and that is to visit website-based slot games. These are pretty easy to find – just follow these steps, and you’ll be well on track to be getting slot-smart on your phone:

Step 1: Pick your favourite online slot game or ask around for the latest hot video slots!

Step 2: Simply type the web address of the game into your mobile phone browser.

Step 3: Unless you see a message stating that the mobile version of the game is not available, you should be good to go!

Although mobile browser slots are definitely the best way to play on your phone, just bare in mind that not all of these sites will be optimised for mobile yet. We’re hoping this is a problem that won’t exist in the near future!

Mobile Slots

Overall, you absolutely can play video slots on your smartphones, but due controversies surrounding gambling it has been harder to access than you might think. It’s certainly getting easier though with app stores beginning to accept gambling, in addition to more and more web-based mobile video slots becoming optimised for mobile! The future is looking great!