As an introduction, Security+ stands for a globally recognized CompTIA certification attesting applicants’ core fundamental security skills and related functions, thereby, making them able to pursue senior positions in IT.

It’s a special credential because there is no other certification like Security+ that would evaluate its owner’s core cybersecurity skills at the same time containing performance-based queries in its exams.

Moreover, the badge specifically focuses on applicants’ useful hands-on skills to ensure that security experts are prepared to tackle a broad range of issues like identity and access and risk management, cryptography, and PKI.

Besides, the badge targets the latest developments and methods in the fields of threat management, risk management, intrusion detection, and risk mitigation.

This way, newly developed advanced Security+ encompasses positions like penetration tester, on top of other perspective job roles like network supervisor, system administrator, and security manager.

Key Information on Exam

So, the advanced CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 dumps certification was made available to the contesters as early as October 4, 2017. This aspect also contributes to making Security+ pioneer among accreditation in this domain so that IT professionals should definitely appreciate it.

The badge empowers aiming candidates with pivotal knowledge necessary for any cybersecurity job, like configuring and installing systems to safeguard applications, devices, and networks. Thus, Security+ ensures that experts in this domain have practical problem-solving abilities by incorporating best practices in troubleshooting.

It means that a cybersecurity professional who has acquired the CompTIA Security+ certification isn’t only proficient in identifying security incidents such as risk mitigation activities but also has the knowledge to address these issues in lawful, integral, and rational way.

Deeper, the exam duration time is 1 hour and 30 minutes, and it contains 90 items, too. There are multiple-choice questions to be tackled in the exam, also including performance-based issues.

The passing score for the test is 750 points (on a scale of 100-900), and more, there is a preliminary condition that is holding the CompTIA Network+ certification plus two years of expertise in the IT department work targeted at security matters.

As a cherry on top, this certification is conforming with ISO 17024 standards and is authorized by DoD to meet directive 8140/8570.01-M obligations.

Career Opportunities with CompTIA SY0-501

Let’s move closer to the career bonuses that the exam brings to you. Here, the current job market for IT professionals with the related CompTIA Security+ certification is growing in huge numbers, and many analysts predict that by the end of 2021, there will be a shortage of 3.5 million computer security professionals.

This issue can stand for a positive fact for you as for an aiming cybersecurity candidate because you will behave wisely to choose from the below inspiring roles including:

  • Security Engineer, alternated with architect role
  • Security analyst
  • IT director, as well as manager
  • Systems Administrator
  • Systems engineer
  • Auditor

Consequently, a great number of top-level jobs will be available once you add advanced skills and work experience to your resume. Individuals seeking these jobs should have knowledge of intrusion detection, audit and compliance, incident handling responses, and many more.

How to Pass CompTIA Security+ SY0-501 Test in First Attempt?

Yes, you may think that it is practically impossible to pass this exam easily, but the test is quite rational and constructive if you get to know all SY0-501 details and prepare for it diligently.

Like all qualitative CompTIA tests, Security+ requires well-spent amount of preparation and expertise under your belt, and, most importantly, good training with exam dumps to pass it.

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Below you can find few other options that you can choose to prepare for the test.

Exam Dumps

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Cherry on Top

To sum up, the CompTIA Security+ certification adds more value to your CV than any other credential. It implies that with its qualifying SY0-501 exam you’ll be empowered to open new doors in the IT world and thereby, grow in the career. Knowing the fact that CompTIA offers vendor-neutral certification, you can apply for a position in any part of the globe.

Don’t wait hence to opt for the long-awaited boost in your profession and attempt the highlighted certification with excellent vendor’s and exam dumps’ preparation!