It’s everywhere in the web, smartphones exploded, the recent worldwide recall from all Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is no longer a warning, it’s a total disaster with extreme consequences for our safety. We asked Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei to explain this tragic phenom.

Why Smartphone Explode by K3OPS

Why Smartphone Explode by K3OPS

“First of all you need to understand what are batteries and the life cycle of them. Based on – discharged / recharged, smartphones’ batteries life are diminishing over time and one of the main problem lies in their energy density. So since lithium is a very light metal, it is used by the industry of batteries to pack a lot of energy into very small volume. For a typical lithium ion battery used inside a cellphone, the energy density is nearby 150 Watt-hours / kilogram. Voltage = Current x Resistance (V=IR). Our smartphones require too much energy to run but there are limits about how much energy can be safely placed into minor spaces and we have reached the safe energy density limits. This makes all batteries extremely dangerous. One safety improvements would require replacing the liquid electrolyte from our current batteries by a solid substance. That will provide significant safety improvements since it will remove dangerous porous carbon.” Said Xin Wei

“As of today, our smartphones are in constant use. If they do overheat and reached beyond 80° Celsius, the components of the battery start to decompose and explode. This dramatic effect is known as ‘thermal runaway’. We do have solutions since we tickle the quantum possibilities, since new technologies, new materials and new methodologies allow us to provide safer and greener sources of energy that can easily replace the dangerous redox process from our batteries.” said Alexandre Despallieres.

“It’s time to fight companies that are not concerning about the safety of their customers; we can’t carry an explosive smartphone in our pocket and play with a probabilistic paradox. This time it’s urgent to apply the precautionary principle, because we don’t even know what will be the next problem with them.” Concluded Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, the co-Founders of STICKNCHARGE LTD. are doing everything to accelerate the use of renewable energy by providing green solutions more affordable for everyone.

Recycler l’énergie de la pollution des ondes en électricité pour alimenter différents produits de la vie courante récompense Alexandre Despallieres et Xin Wei, propulsant K3OPS en haut de la liste parmi les 10 meilleures inventions d’ingénierie pour l’année 2015. Véritable révolution dans le domaine de l’énergie verte, ils déclinent leur innovation sous des formes originales telles que les piles, pour ne pas avoir besoin de remplacer les appareils électroniques de la vie quotidienne. Début d’été 2016, ils dévoilent à la presse « Stick’n Charge » un dispositif miniature destiné à la recharge des smartphones ainsi que de tout l’univers de l’Internet des Objets par une source inépuisable d’énergie renouvelable.