The success of every essay is strongly dependent on the topic. If the theme is interesting for you and your audience, you have great chances to compose an impressive masterpiece. Nonetheless, many students manage to spoil even the most interesting and easiest topic. You should be always concentrated and take any assignment seriously. Thus, a topic devoted to cell phones is really relevant and interesting to many people.

This sample essay shows how to compose a compare and contrast essay. The main purpose of this particular piece of writing provided by Custom Writings (professional essay writing company) is to evaluate similarities and differences of at least two subjects. At times, the number may be bigger. A researcher should choose two subjects and compare their main features. It’s also necessary to reveal how they differ from one another. Read the next sample:

“Nowadays, we cannot imagine our life without a cell phone. It is true and it seems to be actually important. A cell phone provides a great variety of possibilities. You can reach a person from the contrary part of the globe, send messages, take photos, make videos, play games and so on. However, it’s always important to know the history of any invention. Let’s review the development of cell phones in the 20th and 21st centuries to understand the main benefits.

We can see people with this or that model of a cell phone everywhere. They take these smart devices to the meetings, cafes, classes or simply use them in the street. Thanks to the multiple functions they offer, we can do a lot of things. Of course, communication is the first and most important one. Nonetheless, the picture was not like this all the time. At the beginning of the 20th century, people used only wired phones. Many people considered the idea of using a wireless apparatus simply insane. Therefore, everybody used a phone connected to electricity with the help of a wire.

The era of wireless phones started during the First World War. People used radio-based cell phones. Their range was pretty long for those times. As time passed, intelligent inventors steadily increased the range. The Germans and Americans were the first to try that. However, their concepts weren’t too impressive and successful. Between 1957 and 1961, Soviet inventor Leonid Kupriyanovich created cell phones that were much like modern models. They had a great range and weighted about 70 grams only.

The first real cell phone was created in 1973 by Motorola. It weighed more than 1 kilo and its length was 23 cm long. Undoubtedly, the size and weight are too much. Notwithstanding, we should remember the times of its creations. This model was quite diminutive for those times. It was the real revolution that gave birth to one of the most incredible and helpful inventions in human history. It is remarkable that the first cell phones were released 10 years later. The developers wanted to be sure that this invention functions properly.

It should be also said that the first G-cellular network was initiated in 1979 in Japan. This version was unsafe and unencrypted. Thus, all the data you’ve revealed on the web could be easily detected. 2G was introduced in the 1990s. Its security was increased and it initiated the new GSM standard. The first smartphone was released in 1993 by IBM Simon.

These were the major developments of cell phones in the 20th century. It’s obvious that the main focus was given to the communication itself. People used cell phones to hold conversations. Initially, people used them for military purposes. Afterward, they started to have common conversations. It was a revolutionary option and none could believe it could get any better. Afterward, came the reign of the 21st century.

The new improvements took place. People started to use 3G and afterward, 4G. The security and speed were redoubled. 3G was introduced in 2001 and again in Japan. It used packet switching to transfer data faster. The speed reached 2Mbit/s. This was finally enough to launch videos and music streaming. These options had never been available in the 20th century. 4G went on and offered even greater possibilities. The speed was twice faster than when you use 3G. Different kinds of smartphones included more and more functions. It became possible to access the Internet in a blink of an eye. One could simply press “play” and instantly watch videos or listen to music online.

The size became really diminutive and some models are even smaller than man’s palm. They weight almost nothing. Besides, smartphones are very intelligent. They instantly respond to all your commands. It became possible to download different applications that fulfill various functions. Moreover, there is no need for buttons. Sensors successfully replaced them at the end of the first decade of the 21st century. Today, we can pay the bills, find information, communicate, and carry other functions in a few seconds.

The differences between cell phones of the 20th and 21st centuries are huge. Initially, they were nothing but a means of communication. People used them to talk on great distances. Their size was large and the weight too much. They didn’t allow instant access to the Internet and a user couldn’t even watch a video or listen to music. Improvements of the 21st century easily overcame these drawbacks and added many other useful functions to our convenience.”