They keep repeating it is necessary to quickly establish new standards, to strengthen protocols of transmission and improve supervision around the Internet of Things. This total lack of a coherent security strategy could easily lead to a disaster. It is therefore essential to provide solutions because cyber-crimes are increasing daily and soon it will be too late.

Xin WEI and Alexandre Despallieres

Xin WEI and Alexandre Despallieres

In one side, you can consider the fresh and brand new Open Trust Protocol with it promises to provide a standard architecture and a secure code management system that aims to establish trust between all devices and service providers.

In another side, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei have a different point of view and said: “Even if the solution lies in protecting our mobile devices against malicious attacks, we certainty and cannot guarantee zero risk. The best we can do is to anticipate and since attack is the best defence, we have designed an asymmetric cryptosystem for Cyber Security to protect IoT.  Our algorithms are designed around models such as the silent mutation of the genome redundancy. Due to the multitude of redundancies in the cryptographic code, the changes will not be noticeable, without any alteration or effects on your own system. These silent mutations only affect intrusions or unauthorized connections. the use of so-called redundancy property allows the degeneration of coding making its interpretation totally impossible by the hacker and infecting their computer network.” K3OPS delivers a solution to get rid of hackers and concluded: “Who would dare to penetrate a system infected by numerous of unknown viruses?”

In simple words, they vaccine your own devices and make sick any cyber-criminal. The two creators of Stick’N Charge, awarded for their tremendous work on energy transmission through the air and representing the French Tech, propose a trapped gateway containing plenty of virus in perpetual mutation and also a unique key that immunized your own devices. Any unauthorized connections will contaminate the hacker plagued by several attacks. It seems that Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei provide again a simple solution, where others just talked and talked about this very serious problem. As they said: action speaks louder than words.