Accurate Information on products is critical to sell them. This is especially important because before even visiting a retail outlet, consumers research about a product on internet to reach to a purchase decision. The information available to consumers/users at that very initial point is relevant for me to decide whether to purchase or not.

Additionally, the product information gains even more criticality for online retail channels where while purchasing consumers only have access to product images and information to make decisions.

This is where DataKart helps.

What is DataKart?

DataKart is the national repository of information on Indian retailed products with details of each attribute (ingredients, product images, MRP, net content, dimension etc). It enables brand owners to capture product information in an accurate, trusted, and updated manner, besides sharing the same with retailers/e-tailers in a consistent, structured, and standardised manner, in real time.

With increasing use of online shopping becoming the norm today, it is essential for brand owners to equip consumers with detailed product information to help them make informed purchase decisions.

DataKart also enable retailers provide a seamless shopping experience by making accurate, updated& reliable product information accessible on all retailing platforms.

This accurate product information also helps retailers/e-tailers in several operations, such as placing correct orders with brand owners, efficient receipt of supplies, placing timely orders on new product introductions/promotions, and running promotions to liquidate stocks.

Benefits of DataKart for brand owners

  • Assign and manage barcode numbers (GTINs-EAN/UPC) and generate barcode images
  • View all product changes at one centralized location
  • Manage all product information & changes from one place
  • Share product information with multiple buyers (retailers and e-tailers) in one go
  • Receive acknowledgements from retailers/e-tailers to know that their notifications have acted upon
  • View retailer article codes and map them with GTINs of products
  • Reach out to consumers through Smart Consumer mobile app
  • Reach out to Kirana stores with your product information through POS service providers

Benefits of DataKart for Retailers / e-tailers

  • Discover new products & suppliers
  • Receive updated product data from all suppliers in native file format, which in turn reduces the PO mismatches and hence increases on-shelf availability of products.
  • Access information on SKU deactivations
  • Receive change notifications in real time
  • Ability to validate GTINs (barcode numbers) received from suppliers

Looking at the above benefits, retailers and e-tailers in India are increasingly using DataKart access product information from their suppliers and this is likely to increase in future.

This means it is the time to for you to join the service and start using DataKart now. For more information, visit: