We are in day 6 of Apple’s gift from its app ” 12 Days of Gift”. Till now apple has given 5 free gifts which includes app, songs, movie. Now today apple has given its indian users, 3 songs from Aashiqui series. 2 songs from original aashiqui and 1 song from Aashiqui 2. Copyright of songs are held by Tseries, India’s largest music company.

This year in indian movie history, we saw that history was rewritten with Aashiqui 2 , as its songs were blockbuster. Now let’s not get into Bollywood stuff, its a tech blog, so get this free gift from Apple & TSeries.


Total of 3 songs are gone free :

1. Nazar ke Samne (Aashiqui)
2. Dheere Dheere se (Aashiqui)
3. Sunn raha hai na tu (Aashiqui 2)

So grab this amazing 3 songs from apple “12 days of gift” app and enjoy the songs. And remember these songs will be free for limited time only.