The game development industry exploded in 2021. With more than 50% of the users opening at least one mobile gaming application every week, the market is predicted to skyrocket in 2022.

Games are not only fun to play but also to develop. There are so many interesting testing processes involved that it makes the whole game development process a carnival of joy.

You take an idea or a concept of a game, gather area, develop, program, record, mix, test, upgrade and do whatever it’s necessary to make it to the point where it cannot become any better.

This definition is a good place to start what a game development process feels like. However, it is still far from the whole picture.

To complete the picture for you, we have come up with this guide to discuss the game development process and try to know the best game development platform.

Developing A Game: The First Step

Learning how to create a video game from scratch can be rewarding. With the rise of the gaming industry, the world is taking advantage of this new surging market by creating and selling its games.

When you start with the game development process, you realize there are different platforms where games can be created. Therefore, despite the games being created for the same user, they tend to be different from the other games based on the platform used for development.

In addition, you will need to learn how to code in at least one language. Knowing how to code also helps you customize the games and make the necessary changes even after the game is live.

Best Platform For Game Development

Game developing platforms are also referred to as game development software. They include a collection of the library full of ready-made codes. You simply need to use these codes to add a certain feature to your game.

All the platforms or software we have mentioned below can be downloaded from ipiratebay. So, if you find any platform you like, you can download it directly from here.

Now that you know where you can get these game development platforms to, let’s start with the best game development platform.

1. Unreal Engine

Unreal is one of the most used game development platforms today. It won’t be wrong to say it to be a complete game development platform with all the features you need to turn your concept into a game.

The original version of the Unreal platform was released in 1998, and since then, it has become a crowd favorite.

2. Amazon Lumberyard

By the name itself, you can know that Lumberyard is the product of Amazon. This is a 3D game platform designed to build games. It also comes with the latest technologies like VR, Visual scripting tools, and Twitch integration.

As Amazon powers it, it comes with a secure cloud-based platform maintained by Amazon. If you are using Lumberyard to build games, you will find it to be more efficient compared to others.

3. Unity

Unity is one of the very few multi-platform game engines that help you create 3D content with ease. As it supports both 2D and 3D content, it is the first choice of many large-scale organizations.

With its all-in-one editor, Unity is compatible with Windows, IOS, Mac, Xbox, PS4, Tizen, and all the other platforms.

4. Godot

Godot is free to use and an open-source platform for the users to develop games. Furthermore, it is an MIT-licensed platform with no subscription fees, royalties, or hidden strings.

As it is open-source, it does not have any maintenance team. Instead, it has a community that constantly checks for updates and fixes.

5. Cocos2d

If you are new to the game development industry, then you need something that uses a basic primitive known as Sprite. In that case, nothing can beat Cocos2d.

Cocos2d comes with a sprite that can be arranged together to form a scene. As the scene comprises several sprites, they can be easily manipulated by codes.

Choosing The Right Game Development Platform

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes down to the game development process. Every game has different requirements, and hence, you need to be vigilant while selecting a platform for game development.

Your decision needs to be influenced by the following factors:

  • Type of the game.
  • Scope of the project.
  • Programming and designing skills.
  • Size of the team.
  • Your budget.

Fortunately, today, game developers have various tools to match their needs and requirements.