Moto GMotorola Moto G was launched yesterday exclusively on online retailer Flipkart. There was huge craze for the newly launched device on flipkart. Flipkart and Motorola both started publicizing the launch. A week before launch, Flipkart started teasing the device on its homepage. The price of device was also kept very competitive, Rs 12,499 for 8 GB device and Rs. 13,999 for 16 GB device. In this price range this device has very good specifications and great features. But the craze generated for Moto G was real or just a mirage of Marketing Strategy? Let’s find out.

Flipkart launched both the models at Midnight on 6th February on the website. Soon after launching the Device, both models were Out Of Stock. Customers who were trying to buy the device were left in the Dark. Customers with the hard luck shows their anger on Social networking sites, blaming Flipkart for less Stock. Flipkart, in the morning announced that, it will again start taking order from 12:00 PM. Moto G was in Stock again around 12:30 PM, customers rushed to buy the devices. After hour or two, 16 GB model was out of stock again. From this response, it was expected that sales of the device to be record high, but Import data tells a completely different story.

mot g import data

From the import data above, we came to know that only 19,800 devices were shipped to India for retail sale. From the above stock only 5,000 units were of 16 GB model. After launching the device in the midnight, Flipkart stopped selling the device citing reason as out of stock then again, it was resumed in the Noon. The Question here is why Flipkart stopped selling 8 GB model in MidNight? There was plenty of stock available for 8 GB model. By tagging both the device as Out of Stock, generated lots of buzz, many tech websites covered it, which created more craze for the device. Almost all bloggers praised the device for great price. It became beneficial for Flipkart and Motorola. So stopping the sale of Moto G was not due to shortage but it was a marketing strategy to promote the Device.

During the Midnight sale, Flipkart might have sold only 3,000-3,500 units of Moto G, of which about 2,000 units of 16 GB might have been sold. After resuming the sale in Noon, both the models were in Stock again. Remaining 3,000 units of 16 GB model was sold in 2-3 hours period. After that it was again out of stock as Stock imported was limited to 5,000 devices only. 8 GB model is still available on Flipkart, which means that the craze of Moto G is not as good as it is shown. So out of total 19,800 units, Flipkart might have managed to sell 8,000-10,000 devices only on launch day, which is very less compared to huge buzz generated. Last year Micromax also sold 9,000 units of Canvas HD in 24 hours. Now question is, did Motorola and Flipkart manged to match that numbers also even after creating huge buzz on all over internet and social media?

Did you bought Moto G on launch day?