Before you can plan an effective marketing strategy for any social platform, you need to understand who is using it and how. Here are the most important Twitter statistics you need to know to understand how and why people will use this social network in 2021.

Twitter advertising audience is 350+ million

This number has grown by 8% since the third quarter of 2020, an increase of 27 million users. This number is an extrapolation of Hootsuite and We Are Social based on Twitter self-service tools. The number Twitter posts to describe its audience is “monetized daily active users”. According to Twitter’s third quarter 2020 quarterly report, that number is 187 million, up 29% from last year. To get more attention on the platform, you need to buy Twitter likes. In this case, it’s important to have high engagement from active and real Twitter users.

Twitter user base is projected to grow 2.4% in 2021

We predicted Twitter to grow 2.8% in 2020, but the pandemic has changed that. In October, they revised their forecast for 2020, setting an increase of 8.4%. The situation should slow to a more normal pace in 2021, with growth of 2.4% and then 2.0% in 2022.

3.90% of the US population is familiar with Twitter

This is actually a decline from last year, when 92% of Americans said they were familiar with Twitter. For reference, 95% know about Facebook and 91% know about Instagram.

Twitter ranks sixth in the ranking of mobile applications

This is based on monthly active users. This is a global ranking, but excluding China, a market with many applications not available in the rest of the world.

Twitter turns 15 in 2021

Launched in March 2006, Twitter has hit a decade and a half this year. There would be big attention growth because of this fact.

Twitter is ranked 7th (out of 9) digital platforms for digital trust

This is not good. Things are worse only on TikTok and Facebook. Only about 57% of US users strongly agree that Twitter protects their privacy and data.

7.68 million of Twitter users are in the US

Thus, Americans make up the largest percentage of Twitter users. Japan and India are the company’s second and third largest markets. However, European markets may catch up.

Twitter has far more male users (70%) than female users

Almost a quarter of Twitter’s audience is male, which is an important factor when you think about how you can use this network to connect with your specific audience. In the United States, the gap is narrower: 54% of Twitter users in the US are men and 43% are women. In Canada, the gap is even smaller, with 43% of Canadian online men having a Twitter account and 41% of Canadian women online. For a broader understanding of Twitter users, check out our detailed breakdown of Twitter demographics.

21% of US adults use Twitter

This percentage has remained relatively stable over the past few years, with a slight drop in 2019 to 19%. This makes Twitter the sixth largest user in the United States. More and more Americans are using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn