Real estate marketing is all about capturing the attention of people looking for a new home and getting them to spend time viewing your property. Doing this means telling a creative story about a property through enticing photos that offer a unique perspective. Drone photography is the latest trend in real estate listings for commercial and residential properties, apartments, resorts, and vacant land. From still images and videos to 360-degree panoramas and overhead map images, here is how drones have changed real estate marketing.

Affordable Photos that Enhance Agent Listings

Drones have become easily accessible to the real estate industry, making aerial photography affordable. Before these tools, real estate agents had to hire specially skilled photographers and a helicopter to capture aerial views of properties. Anyone can invest in a drone and learn how to operate it to capture compelling photos for a standout property listing. NewEgg is a top online electronics store carrying a range of popular drone brands, models, and accessories. There is one available to fit every budget and skill-level on NewEgg with features to take impressive photos and videos for any purpose.

Drone photography has become trendy in real estate, and agents find that listings featuring their photos attract more attention.

Better Location Details

People looking for a home are looking at more than a piece of property; they are looking at the location as a whole. A real estate agent can use drone photos to bring to life landscapes, neighborhood layout, recreation paths, and other key features to attract attention. Capturing location details with these devices is especially useful for large estates but not recommended for properties in a town center.

Drone photos show buyers what other structures are close by, see the proximity of neighboring properties, and get an accurate idea of how close schools and parks are. Overall, aerial photos give potential buyers a true feel for their new home without spending the extra time to browse.

Looking at several real estate listings in a row becomes tiring and stressful. Working with a knowledgeable agent who knows how to listen to buyers’ needs simplifies the searching process. Matt Dejanovich of Real Estate One Ann Arbor has 30 years of experience buying and selling properties in a high-demand area. Whether buyers are searching for their first family home or a luxury upgrade, Matt Dejanovich can find anyone a dream home.

Better Views of the Property

Professional-grade photos are essential to selling any property. Accurate photos are the first impression potential buyers will have of a property. Drones can produce more accurate and interesting photos that capture the character of the property and accentuate features that will spark buyers’ interest. Property photos are typically taken from a standing perspective. Using an aerial perspective gives a more accurate depiction of size, layout, and location.

Capturing accurate views is important for large properties that don’t photograph well from ground-level. Aerial photography is useful to capture frames of the main selling features of a large property, such as the size of the home, situation to a waterfront, and amenities like a pool or sports court.

Virtual Tour

Drone photography and videos allow real estate agents to create interesting virtual tours. Drone cameras can fly through a home and view each room to create a natural virtual tour. Agents can tell the story of the property through visuals and include attractive selling information and history to attract buyers by using organic IDX tools.

Real estate agents can also use drones to create virtual tours of the neighborhood and town. This is useful for out-of-town buyers who can’t view the property before moving in. Buyers can watch virtual tours of the town and the property to imagine themselves living there and feel more confident in making a purchasing decision.