Reliance Jio opened up its service for public in May. The telecom operator started the service under Employee Referral program in India. The company offered 90 Days Unlimited offer to customers purchasing LYF smartphone.

Reliance Jio service extensionMany Early Reliance Jio users are now getting 30 days extension of JIO UNLIMITED Preview offer. Unlimited offer for LYF handsets are getting expired for early adopters.

As Reliance Jio has not rolled out its services commercially and neither the company has revealed any plan details, so the Telecom operator is extending the Unlimited offer for another 30 days.

Users whose Reliance Jio Unlimited offer is about to expire, will get the extension for 30 days. You don’t need to do anything to get service extension, the recharge will be automatically done.

Reliance Jio is expected to launch its service commercially in coming months. Until the service is launched, Reliance Jio users may get service extension with Unlimited preview offer.

Reliance Jio has expanded its Unlimited preview for select Samsung smartphones. As of now also, you can get the 90 days Unlimited offer with LYF smartphone and select Samsung smartphones.

Reliance Jio will be commercially launched in coming months. Official roll-out is expected around December 2016. We may come to know more about Jio launch offers soon.