We all know that PDF files gain popularity both for personal and commercial use as they are easy for users to fully view, navigate and share with others. However, they cannot be edited easily. If users want to edit their PDF files, what should they do?

What’s EasePDF?

Now I introduce EasePDF to you. Here you can convert your PDF to Word documents without registration on any device.This is a free Online Converter, where there are over 20 tools, fulfilling most of your wishes. Of course, after you finish editing the content, you can convert them back to PDF files.

EasePDF Homepage

Are you curious about why I recommend you to convert PDF to Word in EasePDF? I think you can get the answers from the questions below.

  1. Are your uploaded files safe in the course of conversion?

You can convert PDF to Word here anonymously without leaving any personal information. Moreover, your uploaded FDF files are secure under the protection of EasePDF, in which all the data is protected by the 256-bit SSL Encryption and will be deleted in 24 hours.

  1. Will the content of the converted files keep intact?

Converting PDF to Word is not so difficult, but the quality is hard to guarantee. Fortunately, the server can offer you the best quality for this conversion with the help of Solid Documents, the best solution provider on the market. Of course, the content of your converted Word is exactly reproduced.

  1. Can you convert your multiple files at once?

I found some converters were only able to convert one PDF file every time. Fortunately, you can process multiple PDF files all at once here, so you don’t need to waste time converting them one by one anymore.

How to convert PDF to Word?

Now let’s read the process of converting PDF to Word. It can work well on Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile phones.

  • Step 1. Navigate to EasePDF and then head into PDF to Word.

EasePDF PDF to Word

  • Step 2. Now you can upload your PDF files that EasePDF supports to the server. Ways to upload your PDF files are as followings:
  1. Click the Add File(s) button to select the targeted PDF files from your computer.
  2. Upload the PDF files by dropping them into the loading area.
  3. Import the PDF files from your cloud account, like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.
  4. If you only have URL addresses of the PDF files, you can copy and paste the links after you click on the URL icon.
  • Step 3. Wait seconds for the uploading and processing of your PDF files after adding. The amount of time you will take varies with the quantity of your uploaded PDF files.
  • Step 4. Download the PDF files.
  1. Now you are able to save the files to your local computer or to your cloud account again.
  2. If you want to share the files, you can copy their URL links that EasePDF creates for you.
  3. You can share the links with others by email, but remember that the links are valid in 24 hours.

Note:You can click Start Over to start another converting task after you have successfully converted your PDF to Word files.

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I think you have gained a clear understanding of EasePDF and known how to convert your PDF files to Word documents after reading this article. This online website offers users an intuitive interface, which is simple for them to operate even for the first time. Your conversion will be completed only by one hit, so don’t hesitate and click here to take it a try.