Images are the best way for us to capture everything we see to share it with the people we love, family, and also to the world. However, we also have to enhance these images because not all of our phone cameras capture the exact view our eyes see. As a result, we search for the best image editing software to edit our captured images to make them look better.

Adobe, the world-known computer software company for creating Photoshop, wanted its users to expand the reach by developing a mobile version of Adobe Photoshop. For first-timers and inexperienced users of Adobe Photoshop, using the application can be very confusing due to the interface of the mobile version.

Editing can also be quite challenging because you’ll have no absolute control of the pointer and shortcuts, unlike editing on Adobe Photoshop using a keyboard and mouse. To prevent all these complications of editing images on your phones, here is a brief guide about the tips and tricks of using Adobe Photoshop Express.

One-touch Adjustments, New Corrections, Slider Controls

The necessary tools you can find in adobe photoshop express to enhance all your images are the adjustment tools such as brightness, contrast, exposure, highlights, and shadows. Further, you can also apply corrections of the colors of your images by the whitening, blackening, sharpening, or adjusting the saturation.

One vital feature that Adobe Photoshop Express holds is de-haze. The de-hazing tool will allow you to get rid of the fog in your pictures to make them look more clean and bright. Apart from getting rid of the fog, you can also apply a variety of filters to change the mood of your pictures and sceneries you took with your phone’s camera.

Creative Looks with Effects

Experimenting with Adobe Photoshop Express using different effects is also another way to edit your pictures to create stunning results. Adobe Photoshop Express names its effects as “Looks,” and there are even more than 45 effects and counting that you can select.

Applying Looks on your images can transform and change the mood of your pictures, such as using duotones, nature, pop color, portrait, and black and white. The best part about these Looks is that you can adjust the opacity that it applies in the pictures.

Assembling Collages

Apart from editing and transforming your images, you can also create collages to put all those images into one. Further, being able to assemble collages and editing the pictures in Adobe Photoshop Express saves users the hassle of downloading another app. On the other hand, there are also various collage combinations that you can choose, which means that you don’t have to worry about having the save collage templates as other users.

Spot Removals

The spot removal tool in Adobe Photoshop Express also helps you make your images look clean because it helps remove blemishes, dirt, and spots. Apart from all these flaws that can cause you to trigger your insecurities, you can also remove small but visible distractions in any picture you want to look clean.

Further, the incredible effect that spot removal tools have is that you can also adjust the size and the fade of the pointer to prevent obvious removals. Keep in mind that all the tools you find in Adobe Photoshop Express have slider controls, allowing you to adjust everything with a simple slide of the icon

Adding Text to Photos

Adding text to your photos allows you to claim ownership because it can also serve as a watermark. The reason why adding watermark to your photos is essential is because it prevents other online users from taking your images. Besides, watermarks on images also show other users who made the original photo.


Adobe Photoshop Express is one of the best image editing apps brought into the app store on any mobile phone because it’s similar to the original Adobe Photoshop found on PC. All of the adjustment tools, effects, looks, spot removals, and adding text are only a few of the features you can use to create stunning images.

You also have to remember that not all image editing apps have both an image editor and a collage maker. Thus, if you ever want to edit your photos on the go and prevent the hassle of waiting to edit your photos on the computer, Adobe Photoshop Express will surely help you.