Sometimes editing videos can be a tough task especially when it comes to 4K videos especially for beginners. Not all software can edit and rotate videos easily. Today I will tell you about a video editing software called VideoProc which lets you edit, rotate and process videos fast and easily.

Nowadays many people record the videos on smartphones because of which the orientation of video is not always same. So to correct the orientation, we need to rotate the videos by 90/180/270 degrees. For this purpose VideoProc rotate features comes handy.

VideoProc can edit and rotate 4K, MP4, Slow-Mo and large size video. The 4K video editor takes full use of Intel QSV, NVIDA, AMD and speed up the 4K video processing. It optimizes file size without compromising quality.

VideoProcVideoProc is a lightweight and user friendly for beginners. It has Unique Level-3 GPU acceleration. It comes with powerful features which eases the editing videos. It is available on Windows and Mac Operating System.

Top features of VideoProc software:

– It can rotate any videos clockwise, anticlockwise or by 90/180/270 degrees.

– The software can flip the video horizontally or vertically.

– It supports 4K/HD HEVC/H.264 videos and other recording devices.

-Apart from normal features like edit 4K video, cut, trim, crop, expand, merge, add effect, add watermark, it also provides professional features like deshake, denoise, lens distortion and others.

– There is no limit on video size.

How to edit and rotate videos with VideoProc:

To rotate MP4 videos, first download the VideoProc software. After that install the software and open it. Once you open, it will scan you system hardware and check how much powerful it is. This4K video editor will be optimized as your configuration.

Step 1: Select the source of the video fileby click the “+Video” button in the Video Processing part.

You can import almost any type of video file, be it MP4, iPhone file format, Android file format and many other. Once the video is selected, you can do the actions available for the video. There are plenty of options like Add a watermark, add filter, add subtitle. VideoProc gives an option to rotate, cut, resize and crop the video.

Step 2: Click “Rotate” button under your imported video info. The it will pop up a window to show how to rotate your video.

Step 3: Based on your need, you can rotate video in 90/180/270 degree. And flip videos horizontally and vertically.

Step 4: You can also do other video editing options like add effects, subtitles, watermarks, cut/crop videos, etc. Once the video editing is OK, click the Done button to return to the main interface.

Watch the official video on how to edit and rotate videos with VideoProc:

Other video editing you may like:

You can import the file, record a video using webcam, import from DVD or even download a video. It also gives an option to import audio file for background music of the video.

To add the audio file, select the audio tab and select the desired audio file. You can crop and cut the file as per your need. If you are a fan of filters then you VideoProc will be best friend. The software offers several filter which you can apply on the video.

It also comes with option to add a watermark to your videos. If you are uploading the video to YouTube then adding a Watermark is a good option so that you video don’t gets copied. You can also add subtitles on the video. You can do that just by going to watermark tab.

The 4K video editing software allows to process the video at superfast speed. Once you have edited the video as per your requirement, you can select the output video file format. VideoProc provides multiple options to convert the video.

So in this way you can rotate and edit a video using VideoProc. The free version of the software allows you edit the video for 5 mins but if you are looking for powerful video editor then go for paid version which costs $29.95 for one year and lifetime license costs $42.95.