EGT may be a long running slot provider but they are also an incredibly popular developer with fans! Their longevity in the industry is a testament to the developer, many fans do not take a look or know the history behind them.

Who are EGT

Founded back in 2002, EGT is one of the longest running slot developers in the market.The developer is well known amongst players for releasing high quality titles with amazing features and exciting bonuses. EGT, also known as European  Games Technology, operates out of Bulgaria and primarily provides slot games for land based casinos.

However in recent years the developer has been creating more and more titles for online release,  resulting in a huge growth of players and popularity over the last few years. One of the most defining characteristics of this developer’s slot games has to be the amazing jackpot feature that is used in most of their titles. With such an enticing amount for players to claim, it is no wonder why EGT have become hugely popular.


Although this developer is relatively new when compared to some of the more long running slot developers, EGT has still managed to amass quite the fan base over the years. This is mainly due to the storied history of the developer.

  •       The company was founded back in 2002, although this sounds like a long time ago in the slot world several developers had already been in operation for years by this point. EGT released their first slot entitled Gladiator during this year to positive reviews from fans and critics,
  •       By 2004, the company had started to expand across the European market and they made their way all the way to South America by 2007. The developer won countless awards in the intervening years too!

Best slots

As one of the longest running developers out there, EGT has a long list of slot titles for players to choose from. While not every slot they have released has been a hit, few can deny the high quality that the developer often hits. The following are some of the best slots the developer has released so far.

  1. Rise of Ra – Perhaps the most popular title the developer has ever released, many players note the alluring theme of Ancient Egypt. Taking place deep in the Valley of Kings, this slot is perfect for your inner adventurer. Players will enjoy the four jackpots the slot has to offer as well as the making free spins bonus, there is also a generous RTP of 96%.
  2. Route of Mexico – With an amazing backdrop featuring the beautiful deserts of Mexico, this slot is as pretty as it is generous. That is because the game has four jackpots for the player to choose from, coupled with bonuses such as free spins, ensuring that players will have a great time visiting Mexico in this game.

Final Thoughts

EGT have been in the business for sometime, although not as long as some other developers. As a result they have amassed quite the fan base over the years.