eKAVACHToday’s technology is changing at a very fast pace. Be it Young, Old or Child, wants a smartphone to play games or access internet. Younger people tends to be more mature and they understand what is good for them and what is not.

But Children’s tends to be childish and immature. They can’t differentiate between good and bad easily. They can be easily addicted to mobile games and other online activities.

Even parents can’t manage to keep an eye on children’s activity every time as they are also very busy in their jobs and work. Parents are concerned about Technology their children’s are accessing, but they can’t control what their children’s are doing with their smartphones.

But now a new Technology called eKAVACH, allows you to control your children’s online activity easily. With eKAVACH you can set certain filters for your children smartphone. You can manage and see you children’s activity on the go.

eKAVACH has two apps viz Parent and Child app. The parent need to create an account on the eKAVACH Parental Control App. After creating the account, the parent need to install the eKAVACH Child app on the children’s smartphone and login using same credentials.

After installing both apps, the parent can control and monitor all the activities from the eKAVACH Parental Control App. You can allow and block certain websites and also select the categories which you want your children to access.

The app also allows to set the time slot, in which the child can access the internet. If you block the certain time slot, the child will not be able to access the internet during the selected time slot.

With eKAVACH, you can also mange the apps installed on your children’s smartphone. It shows you the time spent on a particular app or game. You will also get sms alerts when the internet connectivity on the children’s smartphone is disabled.

eKAVACH Parental Control App:

eKAVACH Parent appYou can download the eKAVACH Parental control app from Google Play Store. Create an account from the app. You can also add second parent by logging in using the same credentials on the parent smartphone.

The parental app provides following features:

1. Internet Filtering & Safe Search :

It enables you to block specific web categories, sites, in appropriate content, set appropriate time limits, limit access by days or times of day, and enable “safe search” to block harmful sites from search results. Also receive real-time notifications of any violations on your phone.

3. Application & Time Management :

Knowing what applications your child is using and what these application are used for, is the key to understand your child’s productivity. eKAVACH will tell you which apps they use, new ones they installed, how much time they spend on it, so that you can ensure your child focuses on what they must.

eKAVACH Time managementYou can also manage the time on which you want your Children’s to access the Internet. You can allow Internet access in certain time slots.

4. Access Control

You can choose to block sites by category or specific sites, set appropriate usage time limits, limit access by days or time of day.

5. Real-Time Alerts & Dashboards

If your child visits a potentially harmful site, or is searching for potentially profane information, you will know right away through instant notifications.

With eKAVACH parent App on your phone, you can review all notifications received and analyze your child’s internet activity anytime – anywhere.

6. Device Heartbeat & Geo-location :

Monitor child device reach through device heartbeat monitoring. Geo coordinates helps the parents to track location of their children for their safety.

eKAVACH Parental Control Child app:

eKAVACH Child AppYou need to install the eKAVACH Child app from Play Store. on your children smartphone and login with your credentials. After that all settings are there on the parent app. However the child can send an Emergency message or any other message via App.

At this moment, eKAVACH is only available for Android smartphones. The team is working on iOS apps also which will be released soon. As of now the service is free and completely ad-free. The company will release paid features soon.

So with eKAVAVH, you manage and monitor your Child activity easily.