Encrypted chat service Cryptocat has spent the past two years blocking outsiders from reading private conversations, and now apple has blocked its way in Apple App Store. Cryptocat is an encrypted desktop instant messaging App. It’s native app was supposed to come this week, But according to the application’s developer, Apple’s App Store approval team rejected Cryptocat for iOS and cited “illegitimate” reasons.

Cryptocat’s developer Nadim Kobeissi took twitter to inform the app rejection.
He said on twitter

Cryptocat for iPhone was just rejected from the Apple app store. NDA doesn’t allow me to discuss openly but reasons are truly illegitimate.

In an another tweet that he said that apple may reject any other app which uses Encrypted chat service

One of the reasons for Cryptocat for iPhone’s rejection by Apple strongly implies that any other encrypted group chat app can be rejected.

This seems odd as Cryptocat is already available in Mac OS X App Store and both OS X and iOS App Stores have similar guidelines for submitting app. So why apple has rejected the app only for iOS device.

We will let you know if apple gives any information regarding rejection of app.