“Since everything that circulates in the air can be explained into the simple formula : E=MC², Definitely yes! Energy is in the air.” said Xin Wei. “This crowd of molecules, photons, electrons and particles in motion that surround us contain energy.”

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei

The two creators of this breakthrough technology, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei, combined all these natural  sources of energy with the massive proliferation of wireless devices that inflate millions of watts into the atmosphere to provide by far the highest-conversion efficiency even at low voltages.

Radio Frequency Energy Harvesters from the brand permit to charge any battery and can power all kind of devices ranging from electronic circuits to sensors by means of nodes which are able to gather enough energy from the ambient RF field and transmit to communicate wirelessly. K3OPS allows customers a total control to manage their electricity consumption through dynamic demand to limit the climate effects from our energy needs.

Xin Wei explained: “We succeeded because we do have a different approach, while other companies look in the wrong direction, we first look at the sky, and then we look down, deep in the quantum, because no matter what, the slighter will always remain the stronger. We saw an opportunity to help in order to stop as fast as possible the dangerous minerals extraction from those who risk their lives. We all need to become more respectful from each other, more responsible with the environment and the health. Those are the convictions for which we fight, breaking down barriers to reach the next level, to give the same opportunity to everyone, everywhere. Because at K3OPS we are a team, from head to toes, a team in our hearts and souls. Our strength has been and will always be to be real human beings, to provide solution for a better world, in a more equitable society.”

Alexandre - Xin

Alexandre – Xin

Alexandre Despallieres said: “The last three decades have been littered with doomsday criers foretelling the imminent repercussions of our insatiable urge for carbon based fuel, our destruction of oxygen producing forests and our indiscriminate dumping of industrial waste into the ocean. Because electromagnetic radiation is the embryonic health problem of the 21st century, we created a system that recycles the energy derived from the ambient electromagnetic radiation field to power or to charge all your wearable devices with an ecological endless supply on energy. It is the best answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues, to avoid the waste of our natural resources and to elude the extraction of nickel, cadmium, mercury, lead, iron, zinc or lithium for a better and a safer world.”

K3OPS is part of an extensive product range from the company Stick’N Charge that uses the same efficient and ecological technology to run all your electronic devices with the highest level of protection through non hackable protocols of transmission.