Xin WEI and Alexandre Despallieres, the two inventors behind K3OPS’ technologies and co-founders of STICKNCHARGE LTD. recently met Ms. Karen Buckman, Opportunity Specialist – New products and Solutions, from EnergyAustralia in Paris, one of Australia’s largest energy providers.

Xin Alexendra

Alexandre Despallieres, Xin Wei and Karen Buckman

“Not taking into account nuclear centrals, our world relies on coal fired electricity it is because this is the cheapest way to produce it. But cheap is expensive at the end not to mention the cost to clean the devastating pollution generated by this option. The situation leads us to an alternative: the use of renewable sources. In purely financial term, it’s impossible to compete with our old way of making energy and this is probably the biggest problem that faces all kind of renewable energy options. From hydropower, wind bioenergy to the implementation of solar panels, they all leads in a short term to a significant investment for the customers, and they simply cannot afford to spend more than they already spend. The average monthly cost is around 180 Australian Dollars per month; the challenge to overcome is to make people understand the gain in the long term of investing in other kind of energy options. A person wants fast and efficient result. If you ask them to install solar panels with the argument that they might have a return in their investment over a 5 years period, they would simply decline the offer because let’s face the economic situation, and not only in Australia but it’s a worldwide crisis, people really are struggling. So even if we need to educate customers with simple ways to reduce their electricity consumption, they won’t apply the short pain for a long gain after being so deceived by some promising option that has never worked.” Explained Xin WEI.

Alexandre Despallieres said: “Forgive my cynicism but this interest in the earth doesn’t stem from some big companies being suddenly struck by a vision of Gaia, just like Saul was blinded in desert. No this epiphany has more pragmatic roots and speaks a language in which company moguls are fluent. Green also means money and selling environmentalism can be very lucrative. ‘The Green’ helps boost good corporate image but for EnergyAustralia, it’s not about an image, it’s about a cause and that pushes us to go along with them. Solutions exist, there is a say: if there is no solution, then there is no problem. So, for instance, it’s awfully simple to use a power inverter in order to convert back the DC electricity obtained from any 12V transformer plugged into your wall socket to AC electricity. And this at any required voltage or rectified to produce DC at any desired voltage. Any doubt? Well, when you want to vacuum your car you can use the 12V from the battery and with a power inverter you do obtain 220V. I do remember back in 2014, when Google and IEEE opened a $1,000,000 prize competition for those who would build the smallest power inverter!”

Ms. Catherine Tanna, Managing Director of EnergyAustralia leads the transition to a 100% renewable electricity system since it is economically and environmentally beneficial to combat global warming as per different studies conducted by Australia, who has a great potential for renewable energy. In 2015, the Australian Federal Government ordered the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation to be invested in researching new technologies rather than wind power projects that weren’t satisfying. NextGen created by the company with Mr. Anthony Wiseman, Head of new products and solutions seems interested to implement K3OPS’ RF Energy Harvesting Technology, for the best interest of Australia.