People are now going through the worst global pandemic that they haven’t face before. A virus that will keep people from going outside of their houses. And the government restricts individuals to go out so that they can control or at least minimize the spreading of the virus. Of course, if you are a law-abiding and concerned citizen, you will stay home and do anything that will entertain you and kill some time.

If you are now in quarantine at home, for sure, you are currently feeling bored of doing the same activity each day, and this is the best time to binge-watch all your favorite movies for free. Without hassle, you can download free movie apps directly from your smartphone. By watching movies, it will alleviate the boredom that you feel, and you will probably forget for a moment all the problems that the world is facing. Here’s a list of free movie apps that you need to have on your smartphone.

Tubi TV

If you are looking for a Netflix alternative, then this is the right app for you. Even though you can still see ads or commercials during or before a show, there’s no doubt that it’s always worth downloading because it doesn’t charge anything at all. Tubi TV adds new stuff every week, and you can give suggestions to Tubi TV to let them know what’s missing.

The advantage is that you can download this app not only through your smartphone but also on devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Playstation, and even smart TVs. And if you are using your laptop or PC, you can still watch through your browser.


Walmart owns this Vudu, and this online streaming service gives you access to a lot of TV shows and movies. This app provides a massive library of TV titles and movies that you can rent and stream to some of the streaming media devices, home-theater components, and smart TVs that have access to the Vudu app. Because the subscription is free, you only pay for the TV shows and movie titles that you want to own or rent.

The best thing about Vudu is that there is no subscription needed if you want to enjoy the movies and TV shows. You can also access this app through devices like game consoles(Xbox or Playstation), smart TVs, mobile, media streamers, and PC web browsers. If the devices that you are using have hard drives, you have the option to own movies if you download and save it.

Freeflix HQ

This app has always been used to watch and enjoy the long list of free and great movie titles and TV shows that you can access and download today. FreeFlix HQ is specifically made for Android device users that work on devices like Android TV and Amazon Firestick.

Since the maker of this app gave a lot of thought and consideration when they made it, this fantastic app truly works excellent with remote controls for Android. One of the edges when using this app is that it works in highlighted channels where you will be able to change to a different server. This method is amazingly useful if you are having an issue with moderate paces or lengthy buffering time.


When unforeseen things like this pandemic happen, and you need to stay in the house. Don’t waste your time doing things that are not sensible, do some chores, or do something that energizes you. And if everything is done, then you can now enjoy binge-watching all your favorite movies on the apps listed above. Hassle-free and free of charge. And, avoid going out so that you will not catch the virus.