Factory Map in Tarkov is one of a kind yet most chaotic among all the maps included in the game because it is an industrial estate with large open areas. It’s a map filled with numerous levels and places to explore. Due to the enclosed and semi-opened locations, playing on this map requires close-quarters combat.

Speaking of levels, there is an underground tube network, a first floor, a second story, and a third floor where pandemonium reigns unabated. There are many fantastic cheats and hacks you can employ from lavicheats website that can catapult you to the top of the ranks in no time, whether you’re a beginner taking the stage for the first time or an expert player trying to spice up your battles.

This article will assist you if you’re looking for information on how to quickly escape Factory in Escape from Tarkov.

Factory Map’s surprises

You must camp according to the factory map enclosed. In the factory map Tarkov, there are just a small number of campsites that may be learnt about and located. So, be sure to occasionally alter your position.

In addition, because camping is encouraged on the map, don’t be surprised if you are shot dead by enemies who are entering another chamber. The likelihood of you defending yourself against five opponents is increased because there is a player restriction of just six.

On the map, closer spawns are the most annoying thing you’ll encounter. You might run into your enemies immediately away because the spawns are close together. Therefore, wait before approaching the loot; instead of seeking loot, attempt to move about sometimes to avoid being slain.

Important locations on Factory Map

The joy and craziness are limitless, despite the map’s small size, when you begin exploring these exciting locations on the factory map.

The locations on the map that you can explore are mentioned below:

Container room– It is one of the areas of the Factory that is more open.

Due to the feature that prevents you from just entering and exiting a PvE raid repeatedly to figure out spawn places, this area got its name since you will always spawn here if you queue for a single-player attack.

Factory’s Main Hall- Three large bunkers on the ground level mark the location of the Factory’s Main Hall. It is perilous (you just can’t observe all angles at once, and the likelihood of being shot here is exceptionally high) but also offers many potentials for ambushes because this area has many higher areas, such as silo tops, catwalks, and the Overpass.

Locker Room– Due to its reinforced door, the Factory’s locker room is currently used by Scav as a hideout. To enter this space, you must have the Factory Exit Key [Factory Key]. The Factory’s Locker Room offers better loot than most sealed-away places. Because it is amid the Factory and the passage links the PvE Room and the Machine Room, this is a somewhat risky location.

Breach Room– This space is next to the Factory’s office. Although the doors leading there are locked, they can be broken through. Despite the lack of rewards, this place serves as a quest site. A second door directly connects the space to the office. Players frequently pass through the passage outside the Breach Room, which makes it highly hazardous.

Forklift-  This location’s name refers to the numerous forklifts parked here and once employed in the Factory’s halls. Gaining access to the Fork Lift room gives you extra coverage and several escape routes. From here, you can reach an underground extraction point if you have the Factory Exit Key.

Pumping Station– This is where the pumps that push the chemical waste out of the Factory and supply water are placed. To enter this space, you’ll need the “pumping station”-labelled Door Key.

Bathroom- This is the factory hygienic area of the Factory. After a long day of work, the normal factory employees come here to change into their uniforms and take a shower to remove any chemicals from their bodies.

Office– Scavs frequently use the office’s window to leave the Factory due to its prominent placement as the office window is a Scav-only extraction point.

In Escape from Tarkov, the Factory is a small region, unlike the Woods Map, which is a large, open space. The game Escape of Tarkov has a challenging learning curve; using this guide, you can keep a careful eye on all the crucial spots on the Escape from Tarkov factory map.