Gone are the days when mobile phones are only used to communicate with distant friends and family. With the right features, mobile phones are now utilized to improve the lives of both seniors and kids. These gadgets can help seniors and kids accomplish more responsibilities during the day and become more productive.

To drive the point home, here are some essential mobile phone features suitable for seniors and kids.

For Seniors

If you’re planning to buy a mobile phone for seniors, make sure that it has the following features:

  1. Screen Size

Seniors’ vision is no longer as sharp compared to when they were still young. More often than not, they would be susceptible to eye diseases as they age, making it hard for them to see without a pair of glasses. If you want seniors to send and read messages with ease, look for a mobile phone that has a big screen.

Reputable brands, such as Opel Mobile, offer different mobile phones that have big screens. Make sure that you scout for options and buy one that has a screen that’s “just right” for the senior’s use. A mobile phone with a screen that’s either too big or too small can also become an inconvenience for seniors.

  1. Bigger Keypads

Most mobile phones come with on-screen keypads. This can be convenient and on-trend for young professionals and adults, but not for seniors. Seniors don’t want to use an overly-complicated gadget, which is why you should buy them a mobile phone that has bigger keypads. Mobile phones that have a keypad (although considered old by many), is easier to navigate. The simpler the mobile phone is, the easier it’ll be for seniors to use them.

  1. Headphone Jack

When seniors retire from their jobs, they would usually keep themselves busy at home. Depending on their physical abilities, they might pursue their hobby or look after their grandkids at home.

If you don’t want seniors to be bored when they’re alone, look for a mobile phone that has a headphone jack. The headphones should work once it’s inserted in the jack, and should not require any other accessories.

A mobile phone that has a headphone jack is an excellent option for seniors to keep themselves entertained (through music and video player) and updated with the latest news (through a built-in radio).

For Kids

If your next mobile phone purchase is for kids, take the time to check if the products have these features:

  1. Battery Life

Kids are usually active. They’ll have the time and energy to attend school, play with their peers, and bond with their family members in one day.

To ensure that you’re going to buy a mobile phone that fits a kid’s lifestyle, look for one that has a longer battery life. If possible, look for a mobile phone that can last more than 24 hours after fully charging it.

Aside from the lifestyle, keep in mind that kids would also love to play games with their mobile phones. You want to provide them with a mobile phone that can keep them occupied for a long period.

  1. Great Camera

Kids will have the guts to try out different things. Usually, they’ll be curious about how do animals live in a zoo or how it feels to ride in a roller coaster.

For kids to capture every experience they’ll have when they’re young, buy them a mobile phone that has an excellent camera. Encourage them to take as many pictures as they can, especially when they’re about to experience something new. They’ll thank you later once they see how memorable these pictures are!

  1. Size

Kids generally have small hands. They’re still growing, which means that the size of their hands isn’t the same as adults yet. This is one of the reasons why you should consider the size of the mobile phone you’re going to buy for your kids.

Depending on the kid’s age, you should buy a mobile phone that fits the palm of their hands. Never buy a mobile phone that’s too big because it’ll be hard for them to use the product on one hand. Make sure that they can use their thumbs with ease when navigating the mobile phone.

Regulation Is Key

Although mobile phones come with a lot of benefits, it should only be used in moderation. Too much exposure to mobile phones can also put seniors and kids’ at risk. If you’re living with seniors and kids, make sure that you monitor their mobile phone usage, too.