After releasing the jailbreak instantly , without giving much details , there were many controversy around the jailbreak. Main issues were : inclusion of pirated Chinese App Store , releasing an iOS 6-ified jailbreak , releasing an early & untested version of jailbreak.

So as said by team, they have come up with explanation about all the controversy , they have released an official statement on their website

– We are deeply troubled by the rumors and speculation surrounding our iOS 7 jailbreak.

– Most of the controversy is around inclusion of Chinese App Store TaiG. They had approached us during Jailbreak Progress.

– Taig is a Chinese App Store written in Chinese. tailored and, we believe, well suited to meet the needs of users for the Chinese market.

– Taig has never asked us to disclose our exploits to them, let alone sell them.

– The safety and security of our users is a paramount concern, and due to the amount of close scrutiny by security professionals around the world, we offer one of the lower risk programs available for download on the Internet.

– Preventing piracy is also extremely important to us. We are deeply sorry and embarrassed about the piracy that was seen today.

– All of us have spoken out vehemently against piracy in the past. We don’t believe it’s right for developers to not get paid for their work. In our agreement with Taig, we contractually bind them to not have piracy in their store. This was an extremely important precondition of working with them.

– We are very upset that despite our agreement and review by their team, piracy was found in the store. It was not acceptable and they have been strenuously working to resolve the problem in good faith, and have removed all instances of it that we have brought to their attention.

– We are happy that it was not overlooked by the community. We have been so heads down working on the code that we didn’t see this. We are sorry. We will continue to monitor this issue and work to resolve it completely. Taig will be pulled from the jailbreak if it cannot be resolved.

– Many of you have also wondered why this jailbreak was released without Cydia and MobileSubstrate being updated for iOS 7.

– we received information that SaurikIT was working with another group to release a jailbreak ahead of us. We decided to release, knowing that Cydia, MobileSubstrate, and jailbreak tweaks would be updated after a few days, just as it always has in the course of jailbreaking.

– Yes, we have benefitted financially from our work, just as many others in the jailbreak community have, including tweak developers, repo owners, etc. Any jailbreak from us will always be free to the users but we believe we have a right to be compensated in an ethical way, just as any other developer.

– However, the interests of the community will always be the most important thing to us. When releasing the jailbreak, we pledged all our donations to foundations supporting the interests of the community.

– We are deeply upset at how we have inadvertently distressed the community and we are focused on fixing it.

– We love the jailbreak community and you motivate us to do this work. Having a choice and freeing your device is important.


So this is what evad3rs has to say about the controversy. Few important conclusion we have come up with , after reading all this:

Team was paid for including TaiG.

Saurik was also working another team so they have decided to release the jailbreak early.

Team has decided to include TaiG for the Benefit of Chinese users as they find difficult in reading english apps.

Team has a deal that pirated apps will not be included.

Team has decided to temporarily disable the installing until further scrutiny.

Team has not included any malware apart from Chinese App Store Taig.


So its good that team has comes up the explanation. We Think they also fix the bugs early.
So tell us, have jailbreak your device or not.